About My Saving Plan

I am a common people living in Singapore. Just like other guys, I want to get rich. I believe it is not enough to get rich if I just work hard like other people. We need to read more, listen more and think more. When we make money, we need to fully understand how we make it, then try our best to repeat it and make it as passive income. At the same time, we also need to watch out our daily cost as well. Saving money can not make us rich, but it can really keep us away from poor. Balance income and outgoings will be the right way to accumulate wealth.

In the end of this year, I have a new plan. Many people read about my daily cost and send email to me to ask how I can survive with so low budgets. Actually, there are lots of ways to keep your living cost low. For example, I always buy my clothes and shoes in shopping season. For fast moving consumer goods like soft drinks, toiletries and grocery items, I am always searching printable coupons or promo codes before coming to the supermarket. So my new plan is I will write some articles about how to get coupons or discount messages in my website. I hope these saving tips will help you.

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