How to choose Knee High Boots

Knee high boots are stylish, trendy and chic—but they can also be tricky. It is important to know how to choose the best leather knee high boots that actually fit, how to choose boots that fit your personal style, and—of course—how to wear them correctly. This handy guide about knee high boots will tell you everything you need to know about this chic boot style!

When to Wear Knee High Boots

You might think that wearing knee high boots is strictly for fall, but there are many occasions when wearing knee high boots is a great fashion statement. Knee high boots can be worn with vintage fashion for a retro 60s, 70s or even 80s look; you can slip them on with some chic business wear for a classy but stylish office look; if you want to lengthen the look of your lengths, you can pair them with leggings for a leg-slimming look; or if you want to go for a fashion style that screams “equestrian!” you can pair knee high boots with riding pants, riding leggings or other riding-style gear for the ultimate fashionable riding ensemble.


How to Choose the Right Size

Choosing the right size of knee high boot is just as important as the style or the color. If you aren’t wearing the right size boot, this not only looks unflattering, but can actually hurt your feet or even increase the risk of you falling down!

Calf Circumference

First, you will need to know your calf circumference. Knee high boots, of course, must fit around your calf comfortable. Boots, like shoes, may come in various widths depending on the brand and the make of the show. Some boots, on the other hands, only come in one width; this is where knowing your calf circumference is essential.


Wide calf or thick calves (15 ½” or more)
For wider calves, it’s better to choose lace-up boots, zip-up boots, or boots with buckles or stretchy uppers. Boots with elastic goring can provide additional calf circumference.

Narrow calf or skinny calves (less than 13 ¾”)
Many boots are cut for women with slimmer legs.

Shaft and Hell Height

The height of the boot shaft and the heel height are also important. If you are not used to walking in high-heeled boots, avoid them until you know you can walk safely in them!


Type of Styles

The three primary styles of knee high boots are lace-up boots, zip-up boots, and pull-on boots.Lace-up boots will feature laces that can be adjusted for a tight or loose fit depending on the wants of the wearer. Lace-up boots can range in style from Goth to military to burlesque to equestrian and more.

Lace Up Knee High

Zip-up boots feature zip closures; because of this, it’s important to find boots that comfortably fit around your calves. If they are too loose, the gap in the material will look unflattering–but if they are too tight, the boot may cause a “muffin” of skin over the top.

Zip Up Knee High Boot

Pull-on boots feature no zippers or laces, and can simply be pulled on. These types of boots are almost always made of stretchy material that will fit a wide range of sizes. But watch out when buying used pull-on boots: if the previous owner had very large calves and you don’t, the material could be stretched out.

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