Top 10 DIY Gifts for Friendship Day

Friendship is something worth celebrating for. After all, what could your life be without your friends? Such event has been a regular tradition done by many countries way back 1919. But today’s advent of social media made it easier to commemorate such occasion. In fact, in April 27, 2011, the General Assembly of the United Nation declared July 30 as an official International Friendship Day. However, other countries still continue to celebrate it in other dates.

On this day, flowers, cards and gifts are given to express gratitude and love. The gift may not be expensive. Especially, a hand-made gift may represent a real relationship. Below are the top ten gifts which we can make it by ourselves. If you wanted to surprise your friend with a gift, you may take advantage of the hand made gifts.

A Simple Hand Made Mug

This comes with friendship quotes that will enlighten your friend’s day. She can start her day with a cup of coffee using this mug filled with the warm friendly message that reminds her how much you care.

Friendship Ring

Friendship Ring
Rings have no end and no beginning. It represents eternities. Hence, it serves as a reminder that your friendship is not bounded by time.

Hand Made Bracelet Kit

They say that personally crafted gifts are more preferable that ready-made ones. Hence, you can buy a DIY friendship bracelet kit, pick your friends favorite color and create her a bracelet that she will surely love.

Hand Made Photo Charm

Hand Made Photo Charm
There are some cute gift items that you can buy these days and surprisingly, you can personalize them! One example is a pendant made of scrabble tile with your friend’s picture on it.

Fashion Bracelets

If your friend loves wearing trendy accessories like jewelry bangle, jewelry bracelet in Swarovski crystal and many others, then this can be the perfect present for her. They come in many choices and costs so you will not be limited in your option.

Hand Made Picture Frame

If your friend is a world away from you, a picture frame can be a perfect gift with your picture on it that reminds her of your cherished memories. You can make a twist by choosing an item with wonderful friendship quotation like “Distance means so little when friendship means so much..”

Throw Pillows

This item is soft and cuddly which your friend can hug and cherish.

Heart Key Chains

Simple things can turn out special with some crafts and arts applied. A heart shaped key chain with friendly messages will not only be useful but memorable as well.

Two Heart Ring

This does not only look nice but looks very romantic as well.


You can create a wonderful scrapbook for your friend filled with all memories of your friendship. This will definitely send a message that you have treasured all moments that you were together.

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