Beihai Trip With My Wife: Weizhou Island

From May 7 to May 12, my wife and I have a trip in Beihai, a small city in the south of Guangxi province. We reached Beihai in the May 7 afternoon. On the second day, we walked along Beihai silver beach and had a very delicious sea food lunch. We stayed in Vienna International Hotel at night.

On the third day, May 9, we had to get up early because we need to take the boat to weizhou island at 11:00 am. We finished the breakfast and check out. Then my wife and I take bus No.3 to the Beihai International Passenger Transport Port. The bus ticket is ¥2.00 each person. After we reach the port, we bought the boat ticket at ¥150 for each person. I have to admit that the boat ticket is very expensive, because it only takes around ¥70 for 1 hour distance in Shanghai.

It takes one hour to the island. The employee from Changyun Hotel (Weizhou Island Branch), is waiting for us. She also helped us buy the ticket for the Weizhou National Volcano Geological Park, around ¥90.00 for each person. The hotel service is very nice. She drove us to the Hotel. After checked in, my wife and I start travelling on the island.


The traffic on the island is very poor. There is no bus, no taxi, only private motorbike. On the island, we can rent a motorbike (drive by ourselves). The price is different from each boss. The motorbike from my hotel is ¥60 per day, but all are rent out. My wife and I rent from another boss nearby the hotel. His price is ¥90 per day. After bargaining for a while, we take the deal about ¥100 for one and half day (we reached in the afternoon).

After getting the motorbike, we went the Nam Van seafood market to prepare our dinner. Nam Van is a harbor. All fishermen gather here and sell their seafood. Hence, the seafood is very very cheap in this market.


My wife and I are excited for so many cheap seafood. We bought a few abalone, crab, small oysters and small grouper fish. After we bought the live seafood, we took them back to hotel and the employee cooked for us. He charged us ¥10.00 for each dish. The whole dinner cost us ¥107.

Abalone ¥3.00 each
Crab ¥50 / 500g
Oysters ¥6 / 500g
Small Grouper ¥10 / 500g

Seafood is not the only cheap food on the island. Banana is another great cheap food. You can find the banana trees all over the island. There is another interesting fruit on Weizhou island. It is called “Sea Pineapple”, looks like pineapple, but cannot eat (We know that after we bought it and took it to the hotel).


May 10 is the fourth day in our trip, the second day when we reached Weizhou Island. My wife and I have a full list for today. After we finished the breakfast, we drive to the east beach of Weizhou Island. Local people call it “Wu Cai Tan”, means “Five Color Beach”. It is because there are various of coral reefs with different colors. (As my point of view, I only find one or two colors)

In the afternoon, we went the Weizhou National Volcano Geological Park. The park is very big. The feature of this park is the volcanic beach. The volcanic beach is very special. Personally, I like this volcanic beach very much, except the strong sunlight and coal oil smell.

After we left the volcano park, we went to another west beach, Shi Luo Kou beach. As reading on the internet, it should be another great beach and it should be a good place to have seafood. But it may be because we have traveled on several beaches, we cannot find the special on this beach. The seafood here is also very expensive. It seems to be built for travelers.

In the late afternoon, my wife and I were so excited to go to Nam Van seafood market, shopping seafood for our dinner. This time, we bought lots of seafood and planed to have a big dinner. We bought abalone, scallops and small lemon fish. Including the hotel cooking fee, it cost us about ¥153.00.

Abalone ¥3.00 each x17
Scallops ¥5 / 500g 5x500g
Small Lemon Fish ¥35 / 500g around 420g




After finishing the dinner, my wife and I went to the west beach. We were sitting on the beach and watching the sunset. That day was a wonderful day with my wife.



We left the island on May 11 afternoon. The boat tickets cost us another ¥240.00. In the later afternoon, we reached Beihai city, stayed in Vienna International Hotel and prepared for the flight to Shanghai in next day.

This is my first travel with my wife. Though we also had some small urges, it will be a memorable story in my life. I am looking forward to my next travel with her.

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