Never Be Late To Airport

When I am writing this post, I am sitting in Shanghai Pudong International Airport. I just take a lesson that please never be late to the airport. My flight took off just now. My flight was 4:15 p.m. I reached the airport at 3:45 p.m. When I reached the check-in counter after 10 minutes, one lady told me they already stopped checking in 25 minutes ago.

I argued with her: “There are still 20 left before the flight takes off. Why do you stop checking in?”

The lady answered: “We will stop checking in at 45 minutes before the flight takes off. And now, the flight will stop boarding at 30 minutes before it takes off. Therefore, even you can check in, you still cannot take this flight.”

Shanghai Pudong International Airport Checkin Counter

Shanghai Pudong International Airport Checkin Counter

This is my first time to miss my flight in my life. My wife and I don’t know what to do but just standing in front of the check in counter. Later, the lady told me that I could take the next flight for free after 7 hours later, but if only there was seat available. If there were no seat available, I had to change my flight date to tomorrow and I had to pay for changing.

It seems the god still gives me a chance, otherwise I will spent another hundred dollars to change the date. During the 7 hours, my wife and I are sitting in the KFC and playing android phone. In the end, I got the last ticket. Now I’m sitting in the airport and waiting for boarding. Today, I take the lesson and I’ve paid for my mistake by waiting in the airport for more than 7 hours. I should be in Singapore now if I was not late. But I am lucky enough to take the next flight for free even I missed my flight because of myself mistake. I hope it will never happen again in my life.

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