My Travel Plan For Guangxi Beihai

Last time, I posted my travel plan to Hainan Sanya. Because of limited budget, I gave up my plan. Instead, I plan to travel to Guangxi Beihai. It is a small city located in the south of Guangxi. Though it is not so famous as Sanya, its silver beach and islands make it to be a good place for relaxing. Before we leave for Beihai, a complete plan is still necessary. After some researches, I find out it is a quite amazing place because the hotel and food is very cheap. I listed all the cost for hotels and flight tickets.

Travel Plan and Budget in Beihai
Days 6 Days (5 Nights)
Flight Tickets 2 person ¥3660 (S$732 or $596)
Vienna International Hotel (Beihai Beibuwan Square Branch) 3 night ¥760 (S$152 or $123)
Chang Yun Hotel (Weizhou Island Branch) 2 night ¥358 (S$71.6 or $58.3)
Total Costs ¥4778 (S$955 or $770)

Including hotel and flight ticket, the travel cost will be ¥4778, almost half of cost in Hainan, Sanya. Without any effort, my wife agreed. It’s time to pack my bags and go.

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