Find The Cheapest Ferrero Rocher Chocolate

I will come back ShangHai in May 2014. My wife asks me to check if Ferrero Rocher chocolate is cheaper in Singapore. We are preparing the wedding candy, around 350 chocolates. Therefore, it will be a quite big amount. If we can find some special offer or discount, it will save a lot.

Ferrero Rocher in Shanghai is not cheap in retailer local stores. But if we purchase them online, it could be much cheaper. For example, I found one Ferrero Rocher T96 wedding pack which is only cost CNY 217.00, around USD $35 or SGD $43.66. The only concern is if the chocolate is really made by Ferrero.

In Singapore, I have been searching Ferrero Rocher special offer for several weeks. As my experience, it is not cheap either. The special offer is always short time promo. Here is the cheapest Ferrero Rocher discount I found in FairPrice NTUC (a Singapore Brand Supermarket) in last two weeks.

Ferrero Rocher T-32 400g S$17.20 S$0.54 per each
Ferrero Rocher T-30 375g S$13.90 S$0.46 per each
Ferrero Rocher T-16 200g S$7.80 S$0.49 per each
Ferrero Rocher T-24 300g S$11.90 S$0.50 per each

Ferrero Rocher T-30 at S$13.90 sold in Fairprice is the cheapest one I have found. Each chocolate only costs S$0.46, around CNY 2.28. It is almost as cheap as what I found in (the online store in China, sort of amazon).

Is Ferrero Rocher Cheaper In Airport?

For me there is another place may have cheap chocolate, the Changi airport. In Changi airport, there are lots of duty free chocolate, including Ferrero Rocher. When we get Ferrero Rocher from Changi airport, we will get 7% discount because of duty free. But is it really cheap there?

I have a visit to Cocoa Trees in Changi airport. There is no any discount on Ferrero Rocher except the duty free. The Ferrero Rocher T-30 is priced at SGD 15.90, more expensive then what I got from NTUC inland. Without special offer, it seems to be not worth to buy chocolate in airport, even with 7% GST duty free. I will keep updating if I find more cheaper Ferrero in Singapore.

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