Travel in Philippines Safely

Philippines is a country filled with wonderful places to visit. But you must not overlook your responsibility to keep yourself safe at all time. As with other countries in the world, crime can happen in any of its places at times. And unless you are watchful, you may find yourself becoming a victim of such mishaps.

Factors that Invites Attention of Perpetrators

People in the Philippines gauge people’s economic status through their appearance. Hence, it is a common thought in this place that you are what you are wearing. Hence, individuals belonging to affluent families are expected to be wearing expensive clothes and use costly gadgets. Likewise, people who cannot afford these types of luxuries are obviously identified with the way they look. Hence, one tip to keep robbers and theft away is to dress simply especially when going out to the crowd. Make sure that you don’t wear expensive accessories and don’t use costly gadgets when in public. Expensive items are often the target of hold uppers, putting you at risk of getting robbed.

How to Keep Your Self Safe

Foreigners are believed to be rich especially those coming from western countries. Hence, you may have heard how its famous rebel groups: Abu Sayyaf kidnap Americans for ransom. Hence, it is highly suggested that you stay away from areas where these groups of rebels reside. This is the Southern part of the country in between Sulu and Tawi Tawi. In fact, some churches prohibit their foreign missionaries from being assigned in the island of Mindanao as a precautionary measure, making Philippines not different from other places in the world. Jakarta for instance has places in their country where even locals are not allowed to visit for their safety’s sake. Hence, Philippines is not only the country with many insurgent activities but the same thing is true as well in other areas of the world.

As a general rule, just do all measures that will ensure your safety including those common things that you teach your children at home. Simple things like not talking to strangers can have a great impact in maximizing your security. A lot of things can happen in crowded places too, so stay away from places like these as much as you can. Snatchers and thefts blend with people in the crowd, waiting for their opportunities to make a good steal. Only bring enough money that you need and use debit card instead to save you from carrying big cash around. Organize your things well so you can detect if any of your valuables are stolen all at once. Most of all, do not forget to carry a map around. This can be very handy at times when you least expect it.

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