My Singapore Permanent Residence is Rejected

Today, I will talk about Singapore Permanent Residence. My application is rejected by Singapore Immigration Authority again. It is the second time to be rejected. After 4 month waiting, I receive the letter from Sim Khiam Leng Alvin, controller of immigration. Thank me for my interest in Singapore Permanent Residence (Singapore PR).

In the letter, he said his colleagues have considered my application, including all supporting documents. He told me he was so regretted to inform me that my application is not successful. I want to tell him I am fine. I can understand why my application is not successful, and I am fully understand.

Then he said I can still work and reside in Singapore with my valid work pass. What can I say? He is so kind to allow me still working and staying in Singapore. I have to thank him for his kindness.

In the end, he gave me an number and asked me to call that number if I get any problems or require any further assistance. Still thanks for his kindness. He is so thoughtful and takes good care of people whose PR application is rejected by himself. Maybe he even didn’t have time to stamp to reject the applications. I am so sorry for him to waste his paper and ink to print this letter and send it to me. Thank him very much!

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  1. Happily rejected says:

    Yep, I got mine rejected today too. Second time in 2 years. And you know what? I feel so damn happy and good! What benefits a PR will bring you in 2014 anyways..

    • James Liu says:

      If you don’t plan to live in Singapore, I think the PR doesn’t have any benefits. But you want to stay here for a long time, it will definitely benefit you. For example, you will get CPF which your company will pay for you (You also will pay a percentage). If you want to study more, the cost will much cheaper than foreigners.

      And you will not be afraid to change jobs.

  2. Ginlene says:

    I received that same letter today. Feeling devastated. So James did u manage to get the PR later?

  3. RL says:

    I am a Singapore citizen with significant assets (8 digits before the decimal point).

    Government won’t approve my boyfriend’s application – what it means is that I will eventually leave Singapore to be with him .. and bring my assets along.

    All it takes is a 100 people like me and the government’s loss will be significant. Not to mention the tax losses from such high income earners as well.

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