5 Free Android Apps You Must Have in Philippines

Sometimes, your phone bill is quite high, especially when you have a smart phone like Nexus, Samsung or iPhone. You will pay a lots on games, add-on services and any other apps. Philippines is a country where foreigners love to stay. One reason for this is its very affordable cost of living. And though it is not as advanced as the first world countries, such place is not behind in its technology especially when it comes to mobile devices. Android phones are the most sellable type of phones in this country. This is simply because its hype downloadable applications amusing both young and old cell phone users.

Filipinos are known for their frugality. Hence, they know how to enjoy using expensive gadgets without spending as much. They cut down the cost of their android phone use by using free android applications. As of writing, the trending android apps in this country are as follows.


Though not many pays for a Skype credit, many Filipinos enjoy the its free online services. They enjoy using free text and calls to family and friends who also have this application on their phones. There are other texting applications that you can enjoy using as well such as Pinoy Text android apps, Chikka and many others.


Filipinos are fond of getting in touch with their families and friends too. Hence, they many of them can’t miss a day without posting comments and shouts on their Facebook pages. And because this application can now be downloaded on mobile phones, doing such task becomes very handy.

Project Noah

After many calamities that happened in the past, Filipinos are more cautious in tracking possible future disasters. This free app comes with tools, ping systems and technologies that could be operationalized by government helping mitigate and prevent disasters. Project Noah comes with a map view which covers the country’s area of responsibility, dopplers, overview of rainfall contours, weather outlook and sensors. It also updates the public with the country’s most current weather news, dashboard of information and guidelines. Users who want to escape the complexity of its map view feature can also use the list view for easier use.

Online Banking

Many of its banks also hold online banking services like BPI, Union Bank and many others. This offers banking convenience for Filipinos who are always on the go.

MMDA for Android

People who work on Metro Manila will surely need to deal with its busy street daily. Hence, viewing the place’ traffic situation will be of great help for those who wanted to arrive to their destination on time.

There are other applications that Filipinos love to use and many of them are for free. Of course one’s option will vary depending one’s age, gender and interests.

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