Finding Part Time Jobs in Singapore

Last week, my friend met me and asked me if I can help him to develop one online management system. In return, he want to pay me as IT consultant fee. Now, the problem is coming. He wants to employ me as part time. As a foreigner, can I work part time with Employment Pass? Actually, I also don’t know if it is legal in Singapore. Therefore, I search the question on the Internet. To be surprised, I am not the first one who is worry about this.

In some popular Singapore forum, some person ask if employment pass holder can work part time job. Here are some quotes:

Hi Everyone,
Currently been offered a part-time lecturing job, can an employment pass holder(Q1) eligible to work part time?

I’m currently working as an engineer, but would want to teach some piano on the side for fun. I just searched in google and is it true that my employment pass only covers my full time job and doesn’t allow me to take up any short part time job (even if it’s only 4-5 hrs a week and done for leisure?)

There are many people answering the questions. Some say EP holders can work part time job. But others say it is illegal. Here are some answers here:

if you want to take the risk, go ahead. but not worth it to take the risk to lose your full time job.

Be careful, your greed may land you in trouble. If anything goes wrong you will be repatriated.

You will have to get a letter of non-objection from your EP sponsor and find out from MOM what paperwork your new boss will need to apply for. Teachers do it all the time!

But inside these forums, the answers are not official response. I have to do more research to find out the answer. In the Ministry of Manpower website, I cannot find any answers there. Singapore official website only clarifies that foreign domestic workers (maid) cannot work part time. What about Employment Pass Holder?

In the end, I make a phone call to Ministry of Manpower to ask if EP holder can work part time. The officer gives me the final answer. She is so confident without any hesitate. The answer is No!

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