Cost of Living in Singapore 2014 January

In January, most of people will get the bonus from the company, to reward for hard working in last year. Depending on the performance of the company, the bonus can be very big like five or six month of basic salary. Normally, the bonus will be one month of the salary. We call this the 13th month salary. It is an extra month salary paid to employees by their employers. Because of this extra income, many people will have a nice month with their family, having dinner, going shopping and celebrating the coming new year. But do you ever think if you don’t get any reward in the end of year? Without the extra income, where can we find money to celebrate the new year with our family? Then, the whole month will be very frustrated, especially when your family is looking forward to it. So what will you do if you don’t get the bonus from your company even you have been working so hard for the whole year day and event, without OT salary.

Many employers have excuses for why there is no bonus. The company not doing well is the most reason. So why did yahoo give bonus to its employees even it still lose money? There are many reasons for company not doing well. Managers should take the most responsibilities for company not doing well, shouldn’t they? When the companies are making money, all the managers will get more rewards from company than any other employees. But when the companies are losing money, these managers just say we also don’t have bonus like you. Is it bullshit? So what will you do if you didn’t get the bonus from your company?

Let’s talk about the cost of living in January. First of all, my rental fee is increased by S$25. Now it is $605 for each month. The price of food increased in January as well. After the decoration, food price in the shopping near my house increased by 10%. Now I have to pay $3.50 for two vegetable and one meat for my dinner versus $3.15 before the decoration. The decoration is just a excuse for shopping mall owner to increase the rental. The food shop owners have to increase the price of their food. I start to cook by myself because I cannot afford it. Here is my total cost in January.

Cost of Living In Singapore 2014 January(SGD $)
Fruit, Veg, Milk, Bread and Snacks S$186.45
Transport S$60
Meal S$150
Phone Bill S$79.29 (pay for October, November and December 2013)
Rental S$605.00
Total Cost S$1080.74

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