Cost of Living in Singapore 2013 September

After several busy months, I finally get some time to check my cost of living in September. In the past few months, there are some important news for permanent resident in Singapore.

The first news is a new rule to further stabilize the HDB resale market. The new rule avoids newly minted permanent resident to purchase resale HDB immediately. Singapore permanent residents have to wait three years before they can purchase a resale HDB property. I just feel how frustrated it will be for people who are still fighting for a permanent resident ID. In these years, getting PR is harder and harder. It will easily take 4 or 5 years to get the PR. Foreigners have to rent to live duration this period of time.

How Long Will It Take a Foreigner to Really Reside in Singapore?

Foreigners want to reside in Singapore. They have to stay and work in Singapore for 4 or 5 years on average. To build home in Singapore is their final dream. Living in a rent house can not be called a home. From this year, people who get PR newly have to wait another 3 years. A couple if they get the PR at the same time will wait at least 3 years. But if your wife or husband doesn’t get PR yet, you have to wait another 3 years after he or she get the PR. In the best case, you have to wait for 7 years (for a couple who are both foreigners) before you can have your own home. It seems to be a little bit long. For people plan to reside in Singapore, please think about it, “how many 7 years do you have in your whole live?” I don’t know whether it worth to cost my best 7 years to get a Singapore PR. There are lots of countries to choose actually. For example, Canada and Australia is good candidate as well.

Getting PR is harder in future!

Another news is the latest population report from Singapore government. The new report shows population of permanent resident is decreased by 0.3% over the same period in the previous year. Population of Singapore citizens has increased by 0.9%. Here is the population of PR in the last 4 years.

Singapore Population
Year Total (1000) Citizen (1000) PR (1000) Foreigners (Work, Study in Singapore)
2010 5,076.7 3,230.7 541.0 1,791.9
2011 5,183.7 3,257.2 532.0 1,394.5
2012 5,312.4 3,285.1 533.1 1,494.2
2013 5,399.2 3,313.5 531.2 1,554.5

In the past 4 years, the citizen population increased slowly. The PR population keep steady and the foreigner population decreased sharply. This trend is the result of last Singapore election in 2011. In that election, the ruling party PAP saw a 6.46% swing against the PAP from the 2006 elections to 60.14%, its lowest since independence. Tight PR policy makes Singaporean happy, but makes foreigners like me a little bit sad.

Singapore Population 2012
Singapore Population 2013

As usual, I will paste my spent in September in Singapore here.

Cost of Living In Singapore 2013 September(SGD $)
Fruit, Veg, Milk, Bread and Snacks S$100.7
Transport S$60
Meal S$200
Phone Bill S$85.8 (pay for July, August, and Sep)
Rental S$580.00
Total Cost S$1026.5

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