Cost of Living in Singapore 2013 August

I just feel the life is sucks without money. I have to find some ways to make more money to afford highly life cost. As the Singapore government announced, the CPI in August rose 2.0% from a year earlier. The core inflation, which indicates the cost index of food, clothes and transportation, rose 1.8%, even higher than the median estimate of 1.6%. As foreigners working in Singapore, how can we survive from such fast daily cost growing without salary growing. The worse news is that Singapore will tight foreigner labor policy further.

Cost of Living In Singapore 2013 August(SGD $)
Fruit, Veg, Milk, Bread and Snacks S$131.35
Transport S$60
Meal S$250
Phone Bill 0 (forget to pay)
Rental S$580.00
Total Cost S$1021.35

How to make extra money?

Saving money is a very tough job. Once I reach the minimum cost, there is no room for shrinking any more. To make more money, I still need to take other actions. In this month, I read an article about making money online. The main way is building a website and writing some articles to promote products from Amazon. Then, I can get commission from 4% to 7%. Therefore, I spent $200 to buy a website from my friend. I hope I can earn this money back and make more money in the next few months.

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