Cost of Living: Dinner Cost in Shanghai Restaurant

In this month, I have stayed in Shanghai for two weeks. Different from last time, my experience is quite better. It may be because of the great weather. One fact is that there is still blue sky and white cloud in Shanghai. This time, I have several dinner in Shanghai restaurant. As my experience, having dinner in Shanghai restaurant is not that expensive. Of course, it must be a normal restaurant.

As the latest dinner an example, I and my wife only spent CNY156.6 (China Yuan) totally, around US$26 or S$31. Different from restaurant in Singapore, there is no service fee or GST in the bill. Hence, I payed all my money on my food (In Singapore, there is 10% service fee and 7% GST in the bill when you are having dinner in restaurant). In that dinner, we ordered 5 dishes and here are the dishes and prices.

An Dinner Bill in Shanghai Restaurant
Dish Price in China Yuan Price in USD Price in Singapore Dollar
Enoki Mushroom with Bamboo Shoot CN¥8 US$1.33 S$1.6
Cucumber CN¥6 US$1 S$1.2
Spicy Barbecue Qingjiang Fish (Whole Fish) CN¥105.6 US$17.6 S$21.12
Ricecake CN¥4 US$0.66 S$0.8
Lactuca CN¥4 US$0.66 S$0.8
Tissue Paper CN¥1 US$0.16 S$0.2
Total CN¥156.6 US$21.41 S$25.72

Compare with normal dinner in Singapore restaurant, it is quite cheap. In a normal Singapore restaurant, either western food or eastern food, the normal price is S$15 to S$20 per person. Including the service fee and GST, it will have a additional cost around S$2.55 to S$3.4; As a result, a two person dinner will easily cost S$35.1 to S$46.8. Converting to china yuan, it will be CN¥175.5 to CN¥234.

Get Cheap Dinner in Shanghai Restaurant with Coupons

This is not the end. If you can get some coupons online, you can get more discount on normal price. As my last example, my wife downloaded a coupon which gives 53% discount. So I only paid CN¥89, around US$14.83 or S$17.8. I can say it was a great meal with a perfect price.

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