Cost of Living in Singapore 2013 April

Last month, I went back to Shanghai and came back at April 8. Because I can not determine what’s the return date, I had to bought one way tickets. The air ticket from Singapore to Shanghai is S$420 and the one from Shanghai to Singapore is around S$400. If I bought a round trip flight ticket, it would only cost me S$520.

Start from this month, I will do my best to cut my living cost down. Because I plan to buy a apartment and the montage will be a large spent in the future month. Here I have to mention again, the only way to get rich is finding a way to get more money. Saving is the second step. It can not make you rich, but it is necessary to before you are rich. Now here is the total cost of April 2013.

Cost of Living In Singapore 2013 March(SGD $)
Fruit, Veg, Milk, Bread and Snacks S$119.15
Transport S$40
Meal S$150.00
Phone Bill S$53.81
Rental S$580.00
Total Cost S$942.96

Healthy Living by Cooking Yourself

Here is one way to living better without going to restaurant, cooking beef by yourself. It is much cheap to buy a raw meat in the super market and cook by yourself. Last week, I bought fresh brisket beef under S$1.79 per 100 gram. It only cost me $5.16 for 0.288kg. I cooked it and had a very nice dinner. If you have it in restaurant, it will easily cost over S$15.00.

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