Cost of Living in the Philippines

For foreigners, Philippines is a paradise where you don’t have to fret about the cost of living. After all, the ratio of 1:40 for a dollar to peso will significantly improve their purchasing power while staying in this part of the world. Although this is fairly a small country with a land of 300,000 km2, you need to know that as with other countries, the cost of living depends on the place where you live. Obviously living in a rural area is still far less expensive than in urban areas. Hence, it may help if I will cite example for this so you will know the difference.

Cost of living in Cagayan de Oro City

This is where I live. Though it’s not as progressive as Metro Manila (capital of the Philippines), you have everything that you need here to live a descent life. It has 4 big malls with numerous big stores. It has prominent school as well where you can send your kids to school and tourist spots that you can visit.

Monthly Cost of Living In Cagayan de Oro City 2013 Apr (USD$)
Pad $112.50
With 2 Bedrooms $237.50
Spacious space, pool and lawn $1250.00
Without Aircon $27.50
Without Aircon $100.00
Food $200
Transportation $45
Phone Bill $25

Cost of Living in the Province-Camiguin Island

A lot of foreigners love to stay in this place for good. Aside from its captivating scenery, it only requires very minimal cost of living expenses. It may not have the luxuries of a city but it is endowed with nature’s wonders which bring peace and tranquility those who reside in the place.

Monthly Cost of Living In Province-Camiguin Island (USD$)
Rental $25 – $175
Electricity $7.5
Food $100.00
Transportation $30.00
Phone Bill $25

Why is electricity cost so cheap? Actually on Island Province-Camiguin, you don’t need air-con or any other electrical equipment. Natural fresh air saves you from the expense of air-conditioning. When you want to go somewhere, most places are within walking distance so the transportation fee is lower as well.

In reality, it does not matter where you live but how you live. If you want lesser expenses, you must modify your lifestyle as well.

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