Cost of Living in Singapore 2012 October

Because of the poor performance of my company, my salary has been still for 16 months. The worse case is the cost of living in Singapore keeps rising. CPI, Consumer Price Index, in Singapore October 2012 increased by 4.4% versus 2011. The cost in October is also quit high. Because I bought the air ticket for Shanghai in December 12, one third of my October cost is for transport.

Cost of Living In Singapore 2012 October (SGD $)
Fruit, Veg, Milk, Bread and Snacks S$163.50
Transport S$S640 (S$600 for Flight Ticket)
Meal S$200.00
Phone Bill S$91.90 (November’s Together)
Rental S$565.00
Total Cost S$1660.40

In September, I listed some items and their price I usually buy from the supermarket. In this month, I will continue to do this. It is really useful, because I can find the price changing from the table. For example, the soft grain whole meal bread, its normal price is S$2.15 for 400g Pack. In this month, it changed to $2.50. Hence, I switch my bread to Sunshine enriched Pandan bread and Gardenia fruit & Nut. Gardenia fruit & Nut is expensive, but it has a big discount these days. Its normal price is S$4.20 per 500 pack. After discount, it will only cost S$3.30. After its discount is over, I start to buy Pandan bread. It only costs me S$1.95. Of course, its ingredient and taste is not so good as Gardenia fruit & Nut. Here is my latest shopping list and price comparison.

Consumer Goods Price Comparison
China Navel Oranges S$3.45 for 8
Delmonte Banana S$1.50 per KG
Tomato S$1.70 per KG
Beijing Cabbage S$1.10 per KG
SIO Peck Xiaobai Cai S$0.69 for 220G Peck

3 Responses to “Cost of Living in Singapore 2012 October”

  1. Pratiksha says:

    Hi. I found your blog while searching for cost of living in Singapore.
    Me and husband moving to Singapore next week. While I was searching for house for us, I found many common rooms are available for rent. What is common room means? Is there a private bathroom or entry to it? If possible pls reply. It would be helpful.

    • James Liu says:

      In Singapore, only the master living room has the private bathroom or toilet. Several common rooms will share another one bathroom. If you want to enjoy the private bathroom, you need to search for master room. The price will be higher than common room.

  2. Pratiksha says:

    Thanks James for your reply. That was helpful.

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