How to Get Permanent Resident Under Tighten Immigration Policy in Singapore

Singapore government is tightening their Singapore employment pass and permanent resident policy. Some reporters analyzed and got the result that they thought Singapore government has been focusing on quality over quantity in immigration policy. However, if we check the immigration statistics released by government, we will find that the number of foreign workers increased by 7% against 2011. In 2011, there are 1.395 million foreign workers living and working in Singapore. In 2012, the number increased to 1.494 million. It seems to be Singapore government still keeps increasing the quantity of foreigners.

Why Singapore Government Change Their Immigration Policy

From the immigration static, we find that the Singapore Citizens increased by 0.9% to 3.285 million. The number in 2011 is 3.257 million, increased by 0.8% against 2010. The Singapore citizens increasing ratio increased by 12.5% from 2011 to 2012. For people who want to apply permanent resident in 2012, it is not a good news. Since Singapore population can increase by citizens growing, why does government need to pass more permanent resident? Therefore, the tighten immigration policy will continue till there is a evidence to show Singapore resident population tend to decrease. At least, in this time, people can not get any benefits from increasing the number of permanent resident. So there is no reason for government to loose the permanent resident policy.

More Permanent Resident Means More Resource Demand

Increasing the number permanent resident means more Singapore resource will be consumed. It directly affects the desire of HDB. The high desire of HDB pushes up the resale HDB price which directly affects the new flats price. More permanent residents create more requirement for educational resource, health-care resource, and government resource. According to the limitation of resource in Singapore, it is unacceptable for both government and citizen.

More Foreign Workers Benefits Singapore People More

Different from permanent resident, a huge amount of foreign workers will bring a abundant of benefit to Singapore and its civilian. Because foreign workers need house to live, all of them rent house from citizen. Rental is one of the biggest cost for foreigner living in Singapore. It also becomes one of the biggest income for Singapore citizen.

In 2009, I arrived in Singapore and I was living in 3 Room HDB, with a Malaysia permanent resident couple and two kids. I was not the only tenant in that HDB. I rented a common room for $400 per month. Another small room was rented out to four person with $200 for each person per month. The landlord earns $1200 totally every month from foreigner workers. 25% family income is rental.

In 2010, I moved into 3 rooms flat, squeezing in a small common room with another 3 people. It cost me $220 per month. The landlord earns $880 from foreigner workers.

In the early 2011, I decided to move out because the living condition was too low and I could not take it any more. I found a new house in Boonlay, near Jurong Point Mall and Boonly MRT station. The landlord owns one condominium and he rent out his HDB flat. To maximize the monetizing, he blocks the living room into two separated bed rooms. Hence, he has six bed rooms to rent. The four common bed rooms are rent out by S$750 per month. The customized bed rooms are rent out by $550 per month. The total income from his personal rent business is S$4100. It almost covers the mortgage of his condominium I guess.

This is one of the benefits that Singapore citizens get from all the foreign workers. More foreign workers can increase the high demand of rent business, which benefits Singapore citizens more.

Another benefits Singapore citizens get from foreign workers is low cost of living in Singapore. Food court is one special thing in Singapore. Food in food court or hawker center is cheap. That’s why Singapore families usually have meals outside. In food courts or hawker centers, most of the workers are foreigners. There is no Singaporean willing to take this kind of jobs. They take a very low salary to serve people and they also have to pay a big mount out of their low salary to Singaporean for rental. They serve in Singapore and take salary from Singapore companies. Then, they spend their money in Singapore.

The number of foreign workers are easy to control. They can create more value and consume less social resource than permanent resident. As long as the number of Singapore Citizen keeps increasing and the birth ratio keeps positive, there is no needs to loose the permanent resident policy.

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