Cost of Living in Singapore 2012 July

I have finished my audition of cost in July. I was surprised that it is 600 more than what I cost in June. The living cost, cash cost, even the rental are all increased. After viewing the total cost, I truly understand how fast we can spend money without think. Most of our spent are unnecessary.

Cost of Living In 2012 July (SGD $)
Fruit, Veg, Milk, Bread and Snacks S$192.90
Transport S$80
Meal $482.90
Phone Bill $45.95
Rental S$583
Total Cost $1484.75

The most significant increased cost is Meal. It raised by 2 times than June. The main reason is that I go to the restaurant too many times. Each time, I may spend more than S$20.00. The second increased cost is daily food, like fruit and snacks. In face, I bought too much snacks. Once you spend a lot in restaurant, you will not feel it is too much for spending extra S$2.00 each time in 7-eleven. This is the cost trap I set to myself. Then, we talk about the rental cost. Usually the rental cost is fixed. In July, the electricity, Gas, and Water fee is cost too much. I share this cost with several room mates. Therefore, I can not reduce the cost if they keep using. I can control myself to reduce the cost, but I can not convince other people to save money.

In this month, 2012 August, the cost will be higher, because I am planning to buy the air ticket for the end of year travelling. The flight ticket may cost from $500 to $700. It depends on luck actually. In next post, I will tell you how to buy cheap air ticket in Singapore.

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