Find the Best iPhone Discount in SG

The Chinese New Year is coming soon. If you are preparing for gift for your family. iPhone 12 will be one of the best option. The iPhone 12 is released in 2020, the latest version in iPhone products line. With more powerful processor A14 bionic chip,iphone 12 can provider the best performance. There are several models you can choose, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone, Pro and Pro Max. Different model has different feature and price. Therefore, you can choose the suitable one. If you have enough budget and want to enjoy the best performance and experience, Pro Max will be the best choice. As it’s equipped with 6.7‑inch OLED screen and bigger battery which can provide up to 20 hours video playback. If you like small size phone, then mini will be the best. It has a 5.4‑inch screen so that you can operate it in single hand. One amazing feature is that mini is using the same processor as Pro Max, even though it’s smaller and cheaper. From my personal perspective, iPhone mini has the most value with the lowest price.

In Singapore, there are lots of discount in December and January. So during this period, you can find the best discount in the year.

Apple Deal in Courts

Courts is one of the biggest electronics and home appliances store in Singapore. At this time, you can find iPhone promotion from 2% to 7%. iPhone 12 Mini 64G is only S$1079 after 6% discount.
iphone promotion

Buy iPhone without GST

When we buy anything in Singapore, there is always a 7% gst except we buy it in Changi Airport. Last time I find the cheap lindt chocolate in Singapore in Changi Airport duty free shop. I also bought a diamond necklace there when I travelled to Shanghai.

iphone discount in Changi Airport

The current GST rate in Singapore is 7%. So when we buy stuff in duty free shop in Changi Airport, we can enjoy at least 7% discount. If there are other promotion besides gst free, we can even save more budgets.

Buy iPhone with Contract

Another way to get iPhone with big discount is signing a contract with telco. There are 3 major telcos in Singapore, Singtel, Starhub and M1. All of them provides iPhone deal contract currently. Let’s use iPhone mini 64G as an example.

iphone 12 in Singtel
In Singtel, if you choose the “XO Plus 68” plan, we will only need to pay S$528 up front to get iPhone Mini, besides we will get 30GB data, 300 mins talking and 300 sms every month under S$68.

iPhone Mini in Starhub
In Starhub, you can get the iPhone 12 Mini under S$308 (inclusive of GST) one time payment and S$65 per month. The plan is called “Mobile+ $65 2-year plan”. With this plan, you will get 30GB of data, 200 mins and 200 SMS. Compare with Singtel plan, you pay less at the beginning but the monthly subscription fee is the same. Though you wil get less 100 mins talking time and 100 sms, it’s enough for monthly usage as we are all using whatsapp to talk, isn’t it?

In M1, you can customize the upfront payment price and contract period. To make it easy to compare with other two telcos, I choose two year contract and S$300 upfront price. Under this plan, I will have to pay S$75 per month and get 25GB data, 100 mins talking time and 100 SMS. It’s so clear that it’s better to choose the StarHub plan.

After getting the new iPhone, it’s time to get some iPhone tips to unleash this powerful device. By installing some daily usage apps such as wechat, whatsapp, facebook, instagram and several games, the new iPhone will make the life much easier and more fun. Working with iWatch, we can enjoy the health life with our family in the whole year.

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