5 Ways to Save Money with American Eagle Discount

American Eagle is a known manufacturer of high quality, popular apparel which includes polo shirts, henley shirts, graphic T-shirts, jeans, cargo pants, cargo shorts, boxers, briefs and swimwear. It humble origins can be traced in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This clothing and accessories retailer brand was founded in 1977. The brand targets the 15-25 year old age group with its hip and trendy designs. The company grew and expanded its operations overseas starting with its first store in Canada in 2001 followed by another in Puerto Rico. More aggressive overseas expansion led to opening of stores in Kuwait, Riyadh, Dubai, Russia, Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan in 2011. The brand also found its way to Japan, Israel, China, Hong Kong, Poland, Philippines, Mexico and the United Kingdom. To date, there are over 1,000 American Eagle stores worldwide making the brand accessible to many. Shopping may also be done online from its user-friendly website.

Best Way to Save Money with American Eagle Coupons

There are many ways one can save money from purchasing American Eagle artist jeans or cargo pants. One is through coupon discounts. Every now and then, the brand offers coupon discounts which allow buyers to save up to 25% on purchases in-stores and online plus free shipping. When using coupons for online purchases, all you need to do is to enter the promo code when prompted after you have added items to your cart. Click apply and you will get anywhere from 10% to 20% discount on your purchases. Always check on the conditions for the use of coupons. Some promo codes are only valid for selected products. Coupons are not applicable for purchase of jeans and clearance items. There are promo coupons that are available exclusively for American Eagle credit card holders while there are those that may only be used for new arrivals. Customers can avail of free shipping for a minimum purchase worth $50.

Cheaper American Eagle Clearance

Another way to enjoy high quality and cheap American Eagle jeans and pants is by buying them during American Eagle clearance sales. The best time to buy is during change of seasons. During these times, American Eagle provide discounts on pants, shorts, jeans, shirts, dresses, shoes, handbags and accessories. Discounts could go as much as 50%. With luck, you can avail save up to 75% on your purchases when you combine your clearance item discount with 25% off coupon codes which can be applied on all items. You can also avail of free shipping without minimum order requirement.

American Eagle Factory Sales

Another great way of scoring big bargains on purchases is through American Factor sales. You can visit any American Eagle factory outlet and you will find great items up for sale and low, low prices. Whether you want to buy cheap American Eagle underwear, swimwear, accessories, shoes, shirts, shorts or jeans, a bargain hunter with great fashion sense will always find something to buy at an American Eagle factory outlet for a fraction of its original price.

American Eagle Shop Gift Cards

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If you are not sure what to get your friend or loved one on special occasions, give them the perfect gift – the American Eagle Shop Gift Cards. It will enable them to choose from a wide range of fashionable and high quality apparel and accessories that they will surely love. Gift Cards come in various denominations and are honored on all American Eagle stores.

American Eagle Special Offer

Every now and then, American Eagle has special offers to its loyal patrons. Signing up for AE Rewards will allow one to enjoy savings and freebies. Rewards cardholders earn 1 point for every dollar spent on purchases. And every three months, points are tallied and may be exchanged for discount coupons and enable them to get free items such as bra upon checking out at the counter.

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