5 Best Dark Chocolate You Can Find in Singapore

Dark chocolate is popular around the world for its rich flavor and distinct taste; in fact, some studies have shown that dark chocolate is actually good for you! Because dark chocolate is so popular, it’s no wonder that most well-known chocolate companies include a line of dark chocolate products.

But it can be hard to choose because there are simply so many different brands and choices out there—from bars to truffles to hot cocoa and so much more. If you are looking for the best dark chocolate in Singapore, consider the following 5 companies who are well known for their delicious dark chocolate.


Lindt is known for its creamy chocolate products, which include both milk and dark chocolate. Lindt is also known for offering a variety of chocolate flavors, including unusual flavors such as mango, spicy chili, and popcorn.

Their dark chocolate products are exceptionally popular. Lindt dark chocolate offerings include a simple dark chocolate bar, dark chocolate truffles made with various fillings, as well as dark chocolate bars with additional flavorings. Their most popular dark chocolate bars include A Touch of Sea Salt, Intense Orange, and Spicy Chili.


The Japanese brand Royce is well known for its high quality ingredients. Nowhere are these ingredients more evident than in its dark chocolate products, which are renowned for their creamy texture and rich, dark flavor. Their most popular dark chocolate products are the more dark or intense options, such as the Ghana Bitter, Bitter and Black bars. The Pure Chocolate Extra Bitter bar is a particularly great choice for someone who loves very dark chocolate. You can find the best Royce chocolate in Singapore.


Cadbury, based in the United Kingdom, may be best known for its “gimmicky” chocolate products, such as the Cadbury Crème Egg, but the company actually makes quality dark chocolate products as well. Its best dark chocolate products are its simplest: its simple dark chocolate bars, which come in solid pieces as well as breakable squares.


Meiji, a Japanese brand, is one of the most popular chocolate companies in the world. They have a range of different dark chocolate products, including their most popular dark chocolate product: the Black Chocolate bar. Another popular dark chocolate choice from Meiji is their Dark Green Tea chocolate bar, which is a unique flavor made with dark chocolate infused with actual green tea.


Godiva is another beloved chocolate brand; they are well known for their bars, their truffles with varied flavors, and their other chocolate products such as hot chocolates and chocolate drinks, which are only sold in physical stores.

Their most popular dark chocolate products include their dark chocolate truffles (which include flavors like salted caramel, Aztec spice, intense dark, and black forest cake) as well as their dark chocolate hot cocoa and dark chocolate bars. Their 85% dark chocolate bar is one of the most popular items, because of its intense dark flavor. Godiva actually offers a larger size of the 85% chocolate bar, which is perfect for chocolate lovers who can never get enough! You can find the cheapest Godiva chocolate in Singapore.

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  1. Ahhau says:

    Hi, may i where can i find the meiji dark choco green tea?

    • James Liu says:

      You can find meiji dark choco everywhere. But for the specific green tea flavor, it’s quick difficult. You can try your luck in takashimaya, candy empire in vivocity, or cocoa tree outlets

  2. Susi says:

    Can I know the name of chocolate which is healthy nature… by three coated layers… nuts, chocolate, biscuit… and which I bought in Singapore

  3. Md Dalwar Hossain says:

    Hi, My name is Dalwar I am from Dhak, Banglades. I am looking wholesale chocolates from Singapore. Doed any storr or super market to have wholesal. Please help me knowing this.

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