5 Luxury Chocolate Hampers for Christmas

What’s better than giving someone a delicious bar of chocolate for Christmas? Giving someone an entire hamper of delicious chocolate for Christmas! Chocolate hampers are a very popular choice as a gift year-round, and they make an especially excellent choice for Christmas gifts because so many people love chocolate—and they love getting plenty of it. It can be hard to choose a chocolate hamper for that special someone around Christmas-time, but thankfully some luxury chocolate hampers rise above the rest. The following are 5 great choices for luxury chocolate hampers as a Christmas gift.

Ghiradelli Sweet Escape

Ghiradelli Sweet Escape
Ghiradelli is best known for their chocolate squares, as well as their many truffle flavors. Their “Sweet Escape” hamper is a great option for the non-picky chocolate eater, since it includes a little something of everything. This hamper includes: 2 packets of Double Chocolate hot cocoa mix, a tin of 12 chocolate squares, a tin of 4 milk caramel chocolate squares, 6 different chocolate bars, a bag of caramel chocolate squares, another gift bag of assorted squares, and a bag of milk chocolate balls.

Ghiradelli “Nuts About Ghirdelli”

Ghiradelli also offers various chocolate-covered creations, including chocolate covered nuts; they also cater to the nut-lovers of the chocolate world. This hamper is a great choice for anyone who loves nuts and nutty flavors. This hamper includes: multiple gift bags of squares chocolates (totaling about 93 squares); 10 chocolate bars, including several bars with almond and other nuts; a jar of chocolate fudge sauce; and a tin of chocolate covered small foods, including almonds.

Lindt: Milk Celebrations

Lindt chocolate is best known for its quality ingredients and very creamy texture. This is especially evident in its milk chocolate products, including their Milk Celebrations hamper.

This is a great gift for someone who prefers milk chocolate! This hamper includes: 28 milk chocolate truffles, 28 peanut butter milk chocolate truffles, an assortment of 48 truffles made with milk chocolate (including caramel, hazelnut, etc.); and 5 bars made with milk chocolate.

Lindt: Grand Celebrations

Lindt also offers a much larger chocolate hamper, which includes both milk chocolate and dark chocolate products.

This larger gift hamper is perfect as a more expensive gift, or to someone who really—really—loves chocolate. This hamper includes: two 28-piece bags of truffles made with milk chocolate; 15 caramel truffles; 3 bars made with dark chocolate; 3 bars made with milked chocolate; 6 diamond bars made with sea salt dark chocolate; 1 large Swiss Milk bar; and 1 box of gourmet truffles.

Awfully Chocolate: Christmas Hamper

Awfully chocolate is best known for their chocolate products, such as their chocolate cakes and fudges; every year they offer a Christmas hamper which includes a little bit of everything from their famous line.

This hamper is a great choice for a complete “gift package” to a grown-up someone on Christmas. This hamper includes: a chocolate Christmas log, chocolate cups, an assortment of chocolate fudge, as well as a bottle of wine to complement the chocolate.

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