5 Best Chocolate For Valentine’s Day Gift

Chocolate is the perfect choice for any Valentine’s Day gift—it’s delicious, easy to enjoy, and loved by just about everyone. But how do you know which chocolate to buy for your Valentine’s date? There are thousands of different chocolate brands and an equal number of products, and it can be a bit overwhelming when you are trying to narrow down the choices. Thankfully, some chocolate products rise above the rest. The following are the 5 best chocolate gifts for Valentine’s Day.

Awfully Chocolate: All Chocolate Cake

Singapore-based Awfully Chocolate has an array of chocolate products that are both delicious and reasonably priced. By far their best chocolate product is their All Chocolate cake. This is a delicious dark chocolate cake, made from a unique dark chocolate cake mix—and, best of all, topped with Awfully Chocolate dark chocolate fudge icing. If your Valentine loves dark chocolate or cake—or both—then this is the perfect treat. You can find the cheapest awfully chocolate in Singapore.

Royce Chocolate: “Milk” Chocolate Bar

While Royce chocolate does have some fancier bars, the best choices from Royce are their simple offerings which are made with quality ingredients. Their regular “Milk” chocolate bar is made from high quality milk chocolate, which makes it stand out from the crowd of inferior milk chocolate products on the market. The creaminess of the bar and the mildness of the chocolate make it an excellent option for anyone who loves a great bar of chocolate! Find the best delicious Royce chocolate in Singapore.

Lindt Chocolate: “A Touch of Sea Salt” Chocolate Bar

Lindt has many different chocolate bars, many of them with unique and even exotic flavors, such as mango, crème brulee, and even popcorn. But one of their best bars is undoubtedly “A Touch of Sea Salt,” which is a dark chocolate bar made with a hint of sea salt to give it a unique and slightly salty flavoring. While a pinch of salt might seem like an odd ingredient for a chocolate bar, dark or otherwise, the salt actually highlights the dark chocolate in a delicious way. The key to Lindt’s success with this bar is knowing just how much salt to add—it’s never enough to make you want a drink, but is just enough to give you that salt kick. Who knows—you might get your Valentine hooked on sea salt chocolate!

Baci Chocolate: “Dark Chocolate” Chocolate Bar

Baci Chocolate excels at its simple bars, and its best simple bar is its “Dark Chocolate” bar. Baci chocolate is made from high quality fine ingredients, and that translates into creamy, smooth, and irresistible chocolate bars. They also offer a regular Milk Chocolate bar, but their Dark Chocolate has a much richer taste.

Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher chocolates should need no introduction—the company makes delicious hazelnut truffles with an underlying crispy shell. These are the perfect treat for someone you already know loves Ferroro Rocher, or a Valentine that loves truffles and nutty flavors. They come in many different sized boxes, from 2-chocolate boxes to larger boxes, so choose the Ferroro Rocher box that best fits your Valentine!

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  1. Soo says:

    Hi do u know where to buy Baci choc in Singapore?

  2. James Liu says:

    Sometimes, you can find it in candy empire. But not always.

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