Korean Alcohol in Singapore: Soju, Rice Wine, Fruit Wine, and Mae Sil Ju

Koreans have stood out not only as the second most leading nation in alcohol consumption but also as a nation that has produced great alcohol brands that are selling in over 80 countries. Some of their alcohol brands like Soju have become top brands in many Nations. Singapore is one of the countries that have stocked some of the popular Korean alcohol brands. Some of the Korean brands that are popular in Singapore include:


Soju is a traditional alcoholic beverage consumed widely in Korea and well known liquor world over. Its main ingredient is rice in combination with other ingredients such as wheat, barley or sweet potatoes. Soju is clear and colorless and tastes more like vodka but a little more sweater due the sugars added while undergoing manufacturing. Soju Has a high level of alcohol content with alcoholic concentration usually between 10 to 25%. Normally consumed in shots and is widely used in cocktails. It is smooth and clean to taste making it easy to drink in combination with various Korean dishes. This is because of the different flavors it is prepared in like lemon, water melon and apple making it blend well with a variety of dishes.


Korean Wine Makgeolli
Makgeolli also known as makkoli is the oldest alcoholic drink in Korea .Makgeolli is made from a mixture of fermented rice, wheat and water. Normally unfiltered, making it to contain lactic acid and some of the bacteria found in yoghurt. It has great health benefits as it is rich in vitamins, fiber and with low alcohol content of between 6 to 8%. Makgeolli has a mild as well as tangy taste, making it easy to have with various Korean dishes. Makgoelli comes in different types and was known as the agrarian alcohol with majority of farmers as the once that were drinking it, with the changed times, Makgeolli has evolved back to the market again and has become common with the youths mostly in Japan and Korea. The drink is served in bowls where it is stirred to mix well the sediments that normally settle at the bottom of the bowl. The drink is also packaged in bottles. The price of Makgoelli is equally fair compared to other drinks.

Fruit Wine

Fruit wine production and consumption has a long history in Korea given they have the second largest beverage consumption after Russia. There are different types of Korean fruit wine available in Singapore like Naebyeonsan Bokbunja, Kooksoondang Bokbunja, Buan Mulberry wine and Dongjin wild grape wine.

Fruit wine comes as a blend of different fruit flavors with the names resonating well with the active fruit flavor. Fruit wine is rich in anti oxidants and can help promote healthy skin as well as protection for the heart and liver. Given the various flavors it has, the fruit wine blends well with most Korean dishes even some sea food.

Maesil Ju

Another popular Korean alcohol found in Singapore is Maesil Ju. It comes in two types namely, seoljungmae original and seoljungmae gold. It aids digestion and helps overcome fatigue. Rejuvenating the skin and help detoxify the body.

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