Get Enough Thai Baht For Your Bangkok Travel

Last month, I finished my first trip to Thailand, the Bangkok and Pattaya. That was a five days and four nights trip. Before I headed to Bangkok, I had booked air-ticket from Air-Asia. The flight was in December and it cost me around S$264. Then I booked my hotel 2 nights in Bangkok and another 2 nights in Pattaya. Now, there was only one thing left. How much Thai Baht do I need to prepare for my Thailand trip?

I guess this is the question everyone has before they go to Thailand. Though we can exchange Thai Baht in Bangkok or Pattay, it will be much comfortable if we prepare some Thailand Bath before we land Bangkok.

I prepared S$800 cash (19300 Thai Baht) for my Thailand trip. In the end, I found out it was too much. For one person in 5 days and 4 nights in Bangkok and Pattay, I think $13000 Thai Baht is enough (around S$525) if you don’t want any exciting and interesting nights in Bangkok. I exchanged Thai Baht at Dollar Exchange, at #01-18 Jurong Point Shopping Centre at Jurong West. The exchange rate is 24.71 (1 Singapore Dollar = 24.71 Thai Baht).

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