Find the Cheapest Lindt Chocolate in Singapore

Lindt Chocolate is one of the most popular chocolates in the world. They manage to make their chocolate solid outside but molten inside. So when you eat it, the outside and inside melt at two different rates. Lindt Chocolate is the chocolate for all seasons. The Maitres Chocolatiers from Lindt has indeed mastered their crafts. They have one goal in mind and that is to come up with a chocolate texture that melts tenderly in your mouth, giving you the luxury to enjoy how it gently caresses all your senses. Hence, it is not surprising why many who tried this chocolate brand will surely want for more!

Perhaps you may wonder what makes Lindt so good. Well, it’s not only because of its delicious and irresistible recipes but also their sustainability commitment. The company does look after the quality of their chocolates. In the meanwhile, they make sure that everyone involved in the work will receive a fair share for their effort. Hence, pioneering projects, safeguarding cocoa and compliance to high standard ethics are just few of the many reasons why Lindt is one of the best chocolate brand in the world.

Get Cheap Lindt Chocolate With Special Promotions

If there is one thing that will hold someone from picking the best, it often boils down to its price. Most consumers always equate quality with the price. Because of the great taste and high quality ingredients, Lindt chocolate is not cheap. The price may keep you away from Lindt chocolate. But there are several ways to let you enjoy the tasty chocolates even you are under tight budget.

Search For Special Event on Facebook
Lindt always publish some news on their Facebook page. Sometimes, you may find some special events like free chocolate give-away event, and sometimes you may find some promotion offer, especially in holiday seasons. You can like their Facebook page and keep you updated all the time.

Shopping Mall Discount
In big shopping mall, it’s very easy to find discount chocolate, including Lindt. In Singapore, I always find Lindt Chocolate promotions in FairPrice. Currently, FairPrice is running a new promotion which you can get a 156g package of Lindt Assorted Chocolate (Lindt milk, dark and white chocolate) at S$9.95 .


Get Cheap Lindt Chocolate with Duty Free in Changi Airport
Lindt swiss thins
Duty free shops are the best place to buy high quality chocolates like Lindt. Because of tax free, we can get 7% cheaper when we buy Lindt chocolate in Changi Airport shops. Now let’s check how cheap we can get the Lindt Chocolate from Changi airport. The 400g Lindt Lindor Tube Mile Chocolate is S$36.90; the Lindt Swiss Thin Dark Chocolate 200g pack is S$18.80.

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