5 DIY Home Decors With Recycled Materials

Practical moms always know how to realize possibilities, even in their great financial distress. In fact, as long as there are rubbishes around, these “super women” will always find ways to make their homes a nice place for the entire family to live in. Women are born with a touch of art, but it’s all up to them to discover it. And when they finally do so, they can turn a garbage into an elegant and very functional home decors. you don’t have to spend much to live in a lovely home. Just make use of your artistic talent and you will surely create affordable yet beautiful interior designs for your home. Here’s 5 examples of recycled materials that you can make to decorate your home:

Room Dividers Made of Plastic Bottle Bottoms

If you live in a pad or a suite, you would want to make some areas private by using room dividers. These fixtures can cost thousands of dollars nowadays. However, you have a cheaper option. All you need to do is to collect clear drinking bottles, cut their bottom part and tie them together with a transparent nylon. This will create an elegant curtain or room divider for your home.

Old Bottles for Storage Kit

Most often than not, the money you spend for a product goes to its packaging. Unfortunately, empty bottles and used packages end in a bin. Well, make the most of your investment by reusing them after use. Empty colored bottles for instance can turn into colorful storage kits. After cutting the bottom, heat the edge with a flat iron to smoothen them. With these easy steps, who would expect that these wonderful kits were once useless garbage?

Curtain Holder Made of Old Cups

If you have old cups with holes on their bottom, tendency is; you will throw them away. Well, you need to know that they are still of worth even when they no longer have place in your cupboards. You can turn them into a curtain holder and impress your guests with your ingenuity. This will surely be a head turner among your interior designs.

Vintage Candle Holder Made of Old Ladle

These days, the older the item, the valuable it becomes. Hence, never underestimate the old utensils in your kitchen since they can be something of great worth. Look at this old ladle. Who would expect it can turn out to be a very useful candle holder? Well, it only takes a little imagination to make great things out of simple items.

Flower Vase Made of Recycled Plastic Spoon

How many times have you been throwing plastic spoons after using them? Well, they only end up filing in landfills, posing threat to our Mother Nature. Why not turn them into artistic items like this vase? All you have to do is to use a transparent bottle where you will stick the heads of these spoons in layers. Just can cut their handles and arrange them beautifully up to the bottom of the jar.

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