5 Homemade Herbal Medicines You Must Know

Despite your effort to be well, there will always be time in your life when you get ill. And what makes it even daunting is not having enough budgets to buy the medication. The good news is: you are not only limited to synthetic medicines when treating body disorders. Of course, you can always turn to herbal medicines which are not only cost effective but safe as well. Herbal medicines are there since history begun. Hence, they are worth using for. Here are 5 homemade medicines that are commonly used these days.

Ginger Tea To Treat Hoarseness

Hoarseness may denote underlying health issues. However, it is often a result of an excessive strenuous voice causing acute laryngitis. There will be changes on the person’s normal speaking voice. One’s voice may become raspy, weak, harsh, deep or no sound comes out at all. As long as there is no underlying health conditions that cause this symptom, you can resort to Ginger Tea. The process to make this is very simple. Just follow the guide below:

Ingredients Needed:

  • Several slices of thinly sliced ginger
  • 2 cups of water
  • 2 tablespoon honey to taste

Boil the ginger slices for at least 10 minutes. Note that the number of slices may depend on how strong you want the flavor will be. Once boiled, pour it into a cup adding honey to improve its taste. Best when served hot since it provides a soothing relief to your hoarseness.

Papaya Extract For Dengue Fever Treatment

Dengue fever is a hemorrhagic fever transmitted by a mosquito. If not treated promptly, this can cause death. No synthetic drug has been discovered to treat this disorder. Hence, doctors only treat the illness symptomatically. However, herbal medicines are being used which proved to be effective. One is the papaya leaves extract.


  • Young papaya leaves

Extract the juice of fresh papaya leaves through crushing. Filter this using a cloth. 2 tablespoons of papaya leaves extract every 6 hours is needed to make the dengue patient feel better.

Onion leaves To Treat Asthma

Asthma is a respiratory disease triggered by certain allergens. This is often hereditary and sometimes a lifetime illness but manageable when treated well. Others outgrow this illness as they live a healthy lifestyle. You can manage asthma symptoms through a homemade onion liniment oil. Check out below how to make this simple asthma herbal remedy.


  • Onion leaves
  • Banana leaves
  • Efficascent Oil

Gather some onion leaves and wrap it all together using a banana leaf. Heat this until the onion leaves are cooked. Mix onion leaves with efficascent oil and apply this all over the body of the asthmatic patient.

Home Made Antiseptic For Wounds

Antiseptic is often used to clean wounds and prevent infection. Guava leaves have antiseptic qualities that can be a good alternative to their commercial counterparts.

  • Guava leaves
  • Water

Fill the pot with water and add guava leaves. Heat this until it boils. Once this has cooled down, you can use this to wash wounds and get rid of pathogens that may cause infection.

Atsuete Leaves For Sprain

Sprain can be crippling and very painful. But an atsuete herbal medicine can help relieve discomfort and treat your sprain.


  • Atsuete leaves
  • Cloth to be used for tying

Heat atsuete leaves and line it on the affected part. Tie this with a cloth and leave this on the affected area over night.

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