EP Holder Apply Credit Card In Singapore

When you are living in Singapore, a credit card is very helpful. If you are Singapore citizen or permanent resident, applying a credit card will be a piece of cat if you have a full time job. How about foreigners? Is it very hard to apply a credit card if holding EP, SP or WP? Here, I will tell you my experience about applying the Citibank credit card.

Why I want to apply a Citibank credit card? This is a good question. If you are living near Jurong Point or you take MRT at Boonlay station, you will find there is a small group of people who dress blue T-Shirt and drag a hard case cabin size luggage in the MRT station everyday. These people are sales from Citibank to market the Citibank credit card.

citibank hard case luggage

Two weeks ago, I just got interested in the luggage so I talked with Citibank sales. One of them served me and told me that if I apply for 2 credit cards and a ready credit account, I will get the luggage. I thought that was a quite nice offer. Before I applied the credit card, I have checked if my salary meet the minimum requirement. The Citibank sales confirmed that. So I filled in the application form and passed him all the required documents.

  • Copy of My ID
  • Latest HR Letter
  • Latest Income Tax
  • 2 Month Salary Pay Slip

Today, I got 3 letters from Citibank. All application failed. It makes me so frustrated. Here is my conclusion, if you are EP holder, no matter how long you have been staying in Singapore, you are just EP holder, and you are just working in Singapore, just living in Singapore, just paying rental to Singaporean. The bank will not accept you as a normal people. Who will? As an EP holder, I suggest you don’t waste your time to apply Citibank credit card.

citibank credit card reject

2 Responses to “EP Holder Apply Credit Card In Singapore”

  1. Aaron says:

    Monthly salary $2200 for ep holder, can apply credit card?

    • James Liu says:

      Yes, you can apply the credit card. But I am afraid that they will not pass your application. Then you could waste time to prepare all material to apply the credit card. So I suggest that you don’t need to try.

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