One Way To Check Out The Cost Of Living in Singapore

One of my friend told me that if you want to know how expensive the cost of living in one city is, you just need to check out how much one can of Coca-cola cost. It seems to be true. The value of coca-cola should be the same no matter where it is. But in fact, it isn’t. The reason is the price of coca-cola may represent the material cost, the man power cost, transportation cost and rental cost.

Do you want to know the cost of living in Singapore? Then, let’s check how much one can of Coca-cola will cost you in Singapore. The examples I give you are from small retailers or super market. Therefore, the price is very cheap. The price in restaurants or 7-11 will be super expensive in Singapore. First, if you want to buy one can of coca-cola in 330 ml, it may cost you S$1.10 or S$1.20. The price in different store will be slightly different. If you want to buy a pack of coca, for example, a pack of 6 cans, it may cost you S$4.45, around S$0.74 per can.

I give you another example, a pack of 12 cans Coca-cola in discount, limit offer. It will be S$5.85, round S$0.48 per can.

In this year, Coca-cola release a new package, 250ml can in Singapore. It is sold at S$0.50 in small local retailers (not 11-7). In the supermarket, it is sold in a 4 cans pack at S$2.50, around $0.625 per can, even more expensive than it in small retailers.

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