Well Fitting Wide Calf Knee High Boots

Knee high boots are a stylish choice for many occasions–but for people with wide calves, buying a pair of knee high boots can be a bit of a nightmare. Knee high boots are not always designed with a wide calf in mind, which can make it difficult to find boots that actually fit. Wider calves require a different fit and often a different type of closure, such as a full-length zipper or full length snaps.

Thankfully, many shoe designers recognize the plight of people with thick calves and design their shoes accordingly! The following are three wide calves friendly knee high boots which are a great choice for anyone looking to find well-fitting boots.

FRYE Melissa Button Back Knee-High Boot

The “Melissa” design from FRYE is a high quality, luxurious knee high boot perfect for anyone who wants to combine great style with high quality, comfort and durability. The boots are made from high quality leather and feature all-leather linings, a padded footed made from leather, and a comfortable rounded toe. The boots are perfect for an ensemble with skinny pants, leggings, and even skirts and dresses. The boot comes in multiple colors, including various shades of black, brown and red.


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“Melissa” is perfect for anyone with a wide calf because of the back zipper design. The shoe features a full length zipper on the back which makes it easy for anyone with thick calves to wear them; the boots even features a bottom button closure that increases the calf range of the boot! Even though your calves are 40cm or 15.75 inches around, there is no squeezing of your calves. Your calves will fit in these boots exactly. The zipper was neither loose nor hard to pull. It will not come undone with a day of walking around. Because the boots are made from high quality leather, they are very soft. It will make foot very comfortable. You could walk in these boots all day.

FRYE Veronica Slouch Boot

The veronica slouch boot is a well-fitting rustic boot which is perfect for equestrian use and similar outdoor activities. The boot is made from oiled leather and features rubber traction on the sole to prevent slippage and give the wearer plenty of traction. The boot comes in multiple colors, including various shades of blacks, browns, as well as two-toned stone wash colors and pure whites.


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The boot is well fitting and ideal for anyone with a wide calf because of its double buckle closure, which gives the boot a more verwsitile calf size option. However, it is not as versatile as knee high boots with a full length zipper—if your calf is exceptionally wide, you are better off choosing a ‘FRYE’ boot that has a full length back zipper.

FRYE Veronica Back Zip Boot

If you are keen on the look of the Veronica Slouch Boot but are worried about your calves, you will be glad to know they also offer a ‘Back Zip’ version of the Veronica. This Veronica boot is similar in style to the ‘Slouch’ boot, but features a full-length back zipper which allows for a greater range of calf sizes to fit.


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If you have had a horrible time to find a pair of leather boots to fit your thick calves, if you have 16+” thick calves, this pair of boots will not disappoint you again. You can count on this wide calf boots. You are not the only one who have thick calves. Check these knee high boots for thick calves, and you will be in love with this pair of boots just like others.

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