Cost of Living In Singapore: Cheap Healthy Living

I am James, who has been working in Singapore for three years. Singapore is a multi-cultural society. Because of this, I make  many friends from different countries and it makes the life in Singapore much more interesting. When I am talking with my friends, cost of living in Singapore will always be the most interesting and disputable topic. Several days ago, I had dinner with my friend and we were talking about where we could have cheap and nice meal in Singapore and how we can save more money for next travel. This is where the idea came from to setup this website.

When I am talking with different friends, I just find out that different people from different countries have totally different feelings and opinions on the cost of living in Singapore. For example, some of my friends think the cost of living in Singapore is quit cheap; but some of them think it is more expensive and they just feel it is very hard to save money in Singapore.

I have to say having dinner in restaurant or enjoying the night club in every weekend is truly expensive. If you like this lifestyle, the cost of living will be high. If you just want a simple and healthy life, I guess it is still affordable. To prove my guess, I think it will be a good idea to record and calculate all my monthly cost here. Let’s see how much it will cost to have a healthy life in Singapore. (I am also willing to show all the daily cost, but I think it will be too lousy to read.)

Monthly Cost of Living In 2012 Apr (SGD $)
Fruit, Veg, Milk, Bread and Snacks 166.20
Transport 40
meal 400
Phone Bill 102.05
Rental 565
Total Cost 1273.25

I think my life in Singapore is quit healthy. I have fruits and vegetables everyday, no smoking and little drinks. The first cost item, fruit, veg, milk, bread and snacks, is a very accurate number, because all of this cost are paid by credit card and there are very specific receipts to record. For the transport cost, this is number which I already refilled in my Ez-link card (transport card in Singapore). For the meal cost, this number is actually how much I have withdrawn from my bank saving account in the current month. Because 98% of my monthly cash is paid for main meal, I think it can be approximately treated as meal cost. The phone bill and rental are very clear. To be honest, the cost of this monthly is slightly higher because of the meal cost. This is the healthy living in Singapore which cost me S$1273.25 in 2012 April.

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