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Cost of Living in Singapore 2012 May

It is already the last week of June, I think it is a little bit late to write the cost of living for 2012 May. I am very enjoy the life in Singapore so far. In May, I am very busy in learning investment. Singapore inflation rate rise to 5.40 percent in April of 2012. From my point of view,
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Start Saving, Start Building Self-Discipline

Living a healthy life in a low cost is not simple. Especially when you have some money in your pocket, you may think it could not be a big deal to spend a little or it may not affect the whole getting rich plan. But it is totally wrong. We must need to have self-discipline to control our living under
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Cost of Living In Singapore: Cheap Healthy Living

I am James, who has been working in Singapore for three years. Singapore is a multi-cultural society. Because of this, I make  many friends from different countries and it makes the life in Singapore much more interesting. When I am talking with my friends, cost of living in Singapore will always be the most interesting and disputable topic. Several days ago, I
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