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Cost of Living in Singapore 2013 June

My disclosing of living cost in Singapore June is late because I am busy with buying my first property in Shanghai. I don’t know if it is correct though lots of people say the asset price will continue increasing. I already assigned the contract and spent all of my money. Now, I have a huge debt because of my mortgage.
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Cost of Living in Singapore 2013 May

In 2013 May, I have to come back to Shanghai to deal with my apartment issue. Hence, I have to buy a one way ticket again and it cost me $480, more expensive than it in March. And I already purchased the return ticket, at CN¥2600 around S$520. Hopefully, all these problem will be solved this time. Travelling between Shanghai
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Buy a House or Rent a House in Shanghai China

The biggest news in China in March is new tighten measures for real estate. Because of the burst of real estate price in January and February, Chinese government announced a new property policy to cool down the property market. For me, it is very important. If the price of real estate keeps increasing, young people like me will never be
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