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5 Free Android Apps You Must Have in Philippines

Sometimes, your phone bill is quite high, especially when you have a smart phone like Nexus, Samsung or iPhone. You will pay a lots on games, add-on services and any other apps. Philippines is a country where foreigners love to stay. One reason for this is its very affordable cost of living. And though it is not as advanced as
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Making International Calls From Singapore

2013 phone bill

I have been living in Singapore for almost 5 years. Every week, I will make an international call to my parents and my girlfriend. Hence, my phone bill every month is one big part among of my cost of living. As I remember, the most expensive calling from Singapore to my home town, Shanghai, China, is round $28. It is
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Cost of Living in Singapore in Last Three Months in 2013

The last three months of the year, it can be the most expensive months in the whole year. Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and New Year Day, all these main holidays are in the last three months. Gifts are the necessary things we have to spend money on, and all these cannot be saved. Now let’s talk
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Cost of Living in Singapore 2013 July

This is the first month I need to pay the mortgage, therefore I have to spend my money carefully. However, after I summarize all cost in July, I just find that there is nothing to shrink. The transport cost, phone bill cost and daily basic cost such as meal, fruit can not be omitted. Hence, there is not so much
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Cost of Living in the Philippines

For foreigners, Philippines is a paradise where you don’t have to fret about the cost of living. After all, the ratio of 1:40 for a dollar to peso will significantly improve their purchasing power while staying in this part of the world. Although this is fairly a small country with a land of 300,000 km2, you need to know that
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Cost of Living in Singapore 2013 March

In these month, I spent two weeks in Shanghai. I bought a one-way ticket to Shanghai, so I am still in Shanghai when I am writing this post. Because of the flight ticket, cost of March will be higher, even I only spent half of month in Singpaore. This trip is not in my plan actually. However, it is still
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Costs of Living in Singapore 2013 Forecast

According to the experience of last year, I have to make a big consideration on the 2013 monthly cost. First of all, I think I will make three travels to Shanghai in 2013 at least. Each travel will cost S$560 for flight ticket and S$300 for gifts. My rental will also increase to S$580 for a small common room beside
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Cost of Living in Singapore 2012 June

In last weekend, I summarized my total cost of living in June. The total number make me to feel better. I successfully reduce my phone bill in 2012 June, and it significantly reduced the total cost to a much acceptable level. First of all, let’s see the details about my total cost.

Check Your International Calling Card Balance

When you want to find a way to reduce your international calls cost, your best choice is international calling card. However, do you know that international calling cards also cheat people? If you don’t know, please keep your calling record and check your international calling card balance all the time. Here I will show you the worst callback card I
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Get Cheap International Calls With International Calling Cards

In the post Cheapest International calls From Singapore, I describe how to make your international call cheap by using international direct dial service. In that post, you can find the cheapest international direct dial (IDD) service is from StarHub. I admit that using IDD service is cheaper and you can get good voice quality. Our goal is saving money and
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