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Calculate the Daily Cost by Money Tracker

Money Tracker is an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand way for you to keep an accurate record of your income, spending and monthly budget. It is all too easy for people to lapse into the habit of simply throwing money at bills, groceries and other expenses when they arrive—this habit, unfortunately, often leads to a mismanagement of money and even late bills or
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Cost of Living in Singapore 2013 July

This is the first month I need to pay the mortgage, therefore I have to spend my money carefully. However, after I summarize all cost in July, I just find that there is nothing to shrink. The transport cost, phone bill cost and daily basic cost such as meal, fruit can not be omitted. Hence, there is not so much
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Cost of Living in Singapore 2013 June

My disclosing of living cost in Singapore June is late because I am busy with buying my first property in Shanghai. I don’t know if it is correct though lots of people say the asset price will continue increasing. I already assigned the contract and spent all of my money. Now, I have a huge debt because of my mortgage.
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