Knee High Boots for Thick Calves

Knee high boots are a wardrobe staple for many women—and why not? They look killer, feel great, and add a definite statement to any ensemble. It’s important to wear knee high boots that actually fit; meaning they are not too loose or too tight. This can present a problem if you have wider or thicker calves, because even if the “foot” of the boot fits, if you can’t pull them over your calves, you won’t be able to wear the boots.


Sometimes, it can be tempting to buy a gorgeous pair of boots that happen to be too small and attempt to pull them around your calves despite the size restriction, but all this will achieve is a ruined pair of boots! Instead of coveting shoes that don’t fit, try the more sensible option: buying wide calf boots! Wide calf boots are boots which are specifically designed for bigger calves, and will give you the look (and the fit!) that you need to pull off a great pair of knee high boot.

Thick calves boots are available from many different stores and brands. The key to finding the right pair of thick calves boots is to ensure that the brand has experience in designing boots for thicker calves, research the fit and materials of the boots, and consider reviews from people who have actually purchased them.

The reason that it is important for boot designers to have experience in the practice of making wide calf boots is that they are a very particular type of footwear; the design has to balance out the size of the foot with a wide calf while allowing the boots to be functional or walkable—but without sacrificing the aesthetics or looks of the boots in the process.

Many thick calves boots are designed with full-length zippers. This means that the zippers go from almost the bottom of the boot all the way to the top. A zipper design allows for the boot to fit around the calves, which is a greater ease of fit than boots without a long zipper. Sometimes, wider calves boots will feature half zippers, or zippers which start about halfway down the boot and go to the top. Although these are not as stretchy or wide-fitting as full-length zipper boots, they can be ideal for people who have semi-thick calves.


Another common feature of wide calf boots is a wider, rounder opening at the top of the boot. These openings are often supplemented with buckles or other aesthetic design pieces to make them appear less clunky and plain. People with very thick calves should consider boots which have both a very wide, round opening and a full-length zipper.

In the past, it was difficult for people with thick calves to find knee high boots that truly fit. Thankfully, the past is now gone: there are many shoe brands which cater to people with wide calves who love the look, feel and fit of knee high boots.

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