Where To Get Cheap Ferrero in Singapore

In May, I did some jobs to find the cheapest Ferrero Rocher in Singapore. Because my wife needed around 10 boxes of Ferrero Rocher as a gift for her colleague, 10 boxes is a big number for purchase. Therefore, I went around several shops in Singapore such as Cocoa Trees in Changi airport branch and VivoCity branch, the NTUC Fareprice, and some online shop like Redmart. You can find the research data in this post: Find The Cheapest Ferrero Rocher Chocolate.

In this October, I will come home again. My wife told me she was very satisfied with the chocolate last time. They were cheap and very tasty. She wanted me to buy another 4 boxes. Therefore, I just went to the NTUC Fareprice in Jurong Point near my place. But I was not lucky this time, the discount was over. The current price of Ferrero Rocher is much more expensive than the on sale price.


I have taken a photo on the price. The T30 is sold for S$17.50 and the T32 is sold for S$19.95. Compare with the discount price, the Ferrero T30 is S$3.60 more and T32 is S$2.75 more. So disappointed, isn’t it?

While FarePrice is not the only place I can find cheap Ferrero Rocher. Today, I just find another place where we can find cheap Italian chocolate by accident. On the third floor in Jurong Point, there is a very small stall near the Kopitiam. This stall sells lots of chocolate and sweeties. I believe that you can get lots of cheap chocolate, including Ferrero Rocher.



I don’t know why there is no price label for Ferrero Rocher T30. The sales told me that their T30 is the most cheap one. Hence, I bought four boxes at S$13.90 for each. I don’t know how long the discount will last, but I know that stall will not stay there long.



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  1. Peter Ong says:

    Looks like FR chocs are price-controlled and rather high. $13.90 for T30 is quite cheap; I don’t think you can get it at this price at the airport despite being no GST. Its ridiculous for online offers at $40+.

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