Beihai Trip With My Wife: Wei Zhou Island Crocodile Mountain

In the middle of May, my wife and I had to vocation to Guangxi Beihai, a small city in south of China. It is a beach city, the most famous scene there is Weizhou Island. Weizhou is an undeveloped island. Less tourist and more natural view make it to be a great place to visit. We had spent three days and two night on the island. On the island, Crocodile mountain park is the one you cannot miss.

Crocodile mountain park is located on the south of the island. It is not free to visit, ¥90.00 for each person. Considering the wonderful mountain and sea, it is worth a visit. Before we start our trip, let check the map of Weizhou Island Crocodile Mountain Park.


First of all, the traffic on the island is not very good. Therefore, my wife and I rent a motorbike and ride to the park. Here I need to mention that the guard will ask you for ¥5.00 for parking the motorbike in front of the park. I said “ask” because I think that parking fee is not charged by the park office, but by some local people. Anyway, it is just a small issue. After we parked the motorbike, we walked into the park. I don’t know why they build the gate so far. My wife and I had walked for 30 minutes before we reached the first destination, the Light House.


Actually, the Light House is the topest area in the park. From the Light House, we can see the whole Nam Van, the cheapest place to buy seafood 🙂



Walking along the narrow side path, we reach at the foot of the mountain. It is a small beach with lots of strange rocks. As people say, this mountain is a volcano. Therefore, all the rocks are volcanic rocks.




Walking at the foot of the mountain, we must be very careful. There are lots of holes here and there. At the bottom of the holes, it is the sea. Some holes look a little bit scared.


Because of the gradual wave erosion, the rocks at the mountain foot are not very solid. So they build a small wooden bridge on the beach. All tourists are forbidden from walking on the beach or standing on the rocks near the sea.


In the middle of the bridge, it is the Moon Bay. Actually, it is a small cliff.


After passing the Moon Bay, we reach our final goal, the Eternal Love. It’s a rock in the middle of the sea. There are four Chinese characters “海枯石烂” carved on the rock. This is the only spot I don’t like. I don’t know why but they just carve the characters and paint them with red color. It quite damage the whole scene because it is neither the natural scene nor the historical scene. It just makes the all scene worse.


On the way back to the light house, we pass the moon plaza. It is still under construction, so there is nothing in the plaza. But I hope it would never be finished. Otherwise, it would be another thing to damage this wonderful view.


In this photo, you can see the far island. It is Xie yang island, a very small island. There is no public transportation to there. The only way is boarding a fashing boat. Another problem is there is no hotel or restaurant on Xie yang island. Maybe we can have a camping plan on Xie yang island.

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