Beihai Trip With My Wife: Beihai City

On May 7, my wife and I left for Guangxi, Beihai. We already booked our flight tickets and hotels in April. Our flight to Beihai is at 14:50. The flight from Shanghai to Beihai takes 3 hours. After we reached Beihai, it was around 17:40. Beihai Fucheng airport is a very small airport. After we collected our baggage, we take the airport bus to Beihai downtown. It takes around 30 minutes.

flight to beihai

After we checked in our hotel, Vienna International Hotel, it was around 8:00 pm. My wife and I decided to go around nearby the hotel. Though Beihai is a very small city, it is very crowded at night. It may be because our hotel is located in the center of the city, Beibuwan Square. My wife got KFC ice cream cone. She felt that they gave more ice cream.


At last, we went to a food court. We ordered some local food. The big snail is a little smelly. But I saw other people ordering it as well. Therefore, I continue to eat. The glutinous chicken and seafood soup are very delicious too. Whole dinner cost us ¥115, around SGD 21.00. It is very cheap, isn’t it?


On the second day morning, we went to our first place, the beihai silver beach. The traffic is very convenient from Beibuwan Square to silver beach. We take bus 3 and reach silver beach after 30 minutes. The bus fee is very cheap, ¥2 for each person, around SGD 0.50. The beach is not very crowded. My wife and I take a walk along the beach. It is a beautiful day.


We are not the only couple enjoying on the beach. Here is a group of bulls relaxing on the beach.


When we are walking on the beach, we save one stranded jellyfish and a prawn on silver beach.


On the beach, we also play motorboat twice. It cost us ¥180 totally. Later, we have our first lunch nearby the beach. We ordered shrimp, crab, oysters and one vegetable. Our energy quickly recovered after a great seafood lunch. The whole set cost us ¥300 (SGD $60).

Prawn ¥28 / 500g
Crab ¥85 / 500g
Oysters ¥35 / 500g
Chinese cabbage ¥18

After lunch, we went to our next destination, Guangtouling. We took bus No.5 back to the Beibuwan Square. Then we took bus No.6 to Guangtouling. The bus ticket is ¥1.50 for each person. Guangtouling is small beach with many rocks. There are several couples taking wedding photos there.


USD $1.00 equals to RMB ¥6.20
SGD $1.00 equals to RMB ¥5.00

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