Get Cheap International Calls With International Calling Cards

In the post Cheapest International calls From Singapore, I describe how to make your international call cheap by using international direct dial service. In that post, you can find the cheapest international direct dial (IDD) service is from StarHub. I admit that using IDD service is cheaper and you can get good voice quality. Our goal is saving money and cutting the cost of daily life. For this purpose, IDD services are still not the best choice. Here I will tell you the reasons.

I have been a StarHub customer for two years. Last week, I got my phone bill for 2012 May. Comparing with that in 2012 April, it doesn’t not shock me too much. If you read my previous post, you will know the phone bill in 2012 April is $262.43. The latest phone bill in 2012 May, cost me $220.51 Singapore Dollars. Let me give you some details number in the bill. The subtotal time of international calls is 1361 minutes and 20 seconds, which is 1602 minutes and 23 seconds. It seems that I reduced the calling time on purpose in last month. The cost of oversea calling is $219.7879 before discount. Because I am a StarHub contract customer, I have a discount of IDD 018 services. After discount, my oversea calling cost is $163.0825. Here are the total cost of the first five months in 2012.

Cost of International Calls in 2012 January – May (SGD $)
2012 January $50.95
2012 February $51.50
2012 March $102.05
2012 April $262.43
2012 May $220.51

Enjoy The Cheap International Calls with CallBack Cards

Besides international direct dial services, international calling card is another way to make your oversea calling cheap. It is also named as “callback carde22. The international calling cards have two types. One is directly calling and one is callback. Some of them can work in both mode. There are many international calling cards in the market. Some are provided by small voice service companies and some are provided by the main telecom companies such as Singtel in Singapore.

What’s CallBack Service?
Callback is a way to reduce your cost when you are making international calls. To use the callback service, you need to dial to a callback service number to trigger a return call. Once you dial the number and trigger the return call successfully, it will hang up automatically and call back to you within a few seconds. Then you can follow the voice instruction to make the international calls.

Why Does CallBack Service Make International Calls so Cheap?
First of all, the callback service number is toll free. When you call the callback number and trigger return call, it is totally free. Second, our mobile’s incoming minutes are free, or much cheaper than dialing out. And this is key reason why callback can keep in low cost. If incoming call is not free or not cheaper than outgoing call, there is no meaning to try the callback services.

Where to Buy International Calling Card or Callback Card in Singapore?
If you are staying in Singapore, there are many places selling calling cards. You can find retail outlets in every shopping mall and hawker center. There are lots of international calling cards from different telecom companies. If you don’t know which card is suitable for you, you can ask shopkeeper for help. There are some details which will help you to make the right decision.

Hello! Card From Singtel

$10 Singtel Hello Card

$10 Singtel Hello Card

Hello! card is the only international calling card from Singtel. It can work in two mode, direct calling mode and callback mode. In different mode, the calling rates will be much different.

Hello! Card Rates Calculation
Connection ChargeLocal Airtime International Rates
Direct International Call $0.10 $0.16 $0.012
CallBack $0.10 Local Incoming Rates $0.012

Calling to different countries, the rates are different. Rate $0.012 is for calling to China. If you want to check other countries rate, please click here.

For callback services%2 the total charge will include the local incoming rates. For some telecom contract customers, the incoming calls are usually free. In this case, the Hello card will be cost effective way to make international calls from Singapore.

HomeConnect Card From StarHub

HomeConnect card is the international calling card from StarHub. It only provides the one-way call. There is no callback function.

HomeConnect Card Rates Calculation
Connection Charge Local Airtime International Rates
Direct International Call $0.30 $0.15 $0.01

Compare with $0.02 IDD018 international calling, using HomeConnect card to make international calling seems to be the cheap way. But Starhub has Free IDD 018 Value-Added Service now. I subscribe the free IDD 018 for last two month. If I want to choose IDD 018 for international calling, I don’t think HomeConnect is the good choice.

pfingo calling card From StarHub

$10 Pfingo Calling Card

$10 Pfingo Calling Card

Pfingo is a new internet solutions for international calling. It is developed by Advanced Multimedia Services, which is a new business department in StarHub. Including internet calling services, Pfingo also provides international calling card. Besides international calling, pfingo is also a cheap way to make Singapore local calls.

Pfingo Card Rates Calculation
Connection Charge Local Airtime International Rates to China
Direct International Call%sC/td>

$0.10 $0.15 – $0.16 $0.01
CallBack $0.10 Local Incoming Rates $0.014


Pfingo Card Rates For Countries
Country Direct Calling Rates Callback Rates
India $0.0125 $0.018
Malaysia Landline $0.005 $0.006
Malaysia Mobile $0.025 $0.032
Philippines $0.12 $0.13
China $0.01 $0.014

As all cards I have used, I think the $10 Hello Card is the best. Because I am a contract customer with free incoming calling, using $10 Hello card callback is the cheapest way for international calling for me. Before I use Hello Card, I also tried other calling cards. One of them is the 7orst one I have used. In next post, I will show you how worse it is and how it cheats us in calling minutes.

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