Is Philippines Safe for Travellers?

Last April 2, 2014, two women were abducted from Singamata Reef Resort; a reputable Chinese tourist destination located in Semporna District of Borneo Island. Among the victims is a Chinese girl in her late 20’s. The other one is a Filipino receptionist in the said resort in her 40’s. The perpetrators are composed of 6 rebels of gunmen who took their captives with their speedboat which is also the same transportation that they used to get to this area.

According to a Philippine Intelligence official, there is a high possibility that the attackers are members of a notorious Filipino rebel group who called themselves Abu Sayyaf. Over the years, they have been linked to seaborne kidnapping which they regularly do for ransom. If the Philippine Intelligence official’s speculation is true, there is a tendency that the victims of the recent Malaysian resort abduction were brought to Philippine Islands in between Sulu and Tawi-Tawi. This is not the only instance that Abu Sayyaf rebels were linked to kidnappings in Malaysia. There are lots of similar incidence which happened in the past like the murder of a Taiwanese tourist in Semporna area followed by the abduction of his wife. Hence, tourists who are planning to visit the beautiful islands in the Philippines as well as its adjacent areas are wondering whether these tourist destinations are still safe for travellers nowadays.

You need to know that until now, there are still many tourists who safely visit Philippines. In fact, a lot of them loved the place so much that they decided to spend their retirement years in this seemingly paradise location in Asia. Hence, if you happen to visit this country and felt the same way, then just be cautious and be cautious in choosing the place where you will reside to keep yourself safe just like the others. Early this year, the Department of State warns its citizens from visiting the islands of Mindanao and Sulu Archipelago. This is because the above mentioned places are found to be most notable areas in the Philippines were insurgent activities and terrorism occurs. However, this does not stop the foreigners from loving the place. In fact, you can see significant numbers of foreigners living in various parts of Mindanao specifically in the Island of Camiguin. This tiny volcanic Island almost has everything that nature has to offer such as hot springs, white beaches and friendly locals. Hence, this only explains why the immigrants in this place are constantly increasing.

When planning to reside in the Philippines, make some research about the area where you plan to live specifically on its safety. Surely, you will find a place where you can build your sanctuary where you will spend the last chapter of your life. However, if you just want to visit the area, make sure that you do some advance reading about it to know if insurgencies and similar activities happened to this place in the past. You can also ask someone who has gone to the place and solicit opinions from this person whether it is safe to travel there.

Lastly, it pays to be insured in your travels. Wise travellers are those who expect the best on their trips but are prepared for the worse things that may happen as well. You cannot afford to spend days in a foreign land without getting the help that you need. If you avail for International travel insurance, among the benefits that you may enjoy are as follows:

  • Free medical intervention in the insurance company’s affiliated hospital worldwide
  • Get car care support
  • Feel at peace knowing that your loved ones are receiving their needed medical care back home
  • Some insurance allows you to get VIP treatment like additional free baggage allowance
  • Coverage on a life threatening illness during life threatening situations
  • Enjoy high quality health care

International travel insurance differs in their offered coverage. You may get the above mentioned benefits and even a whole lot more! Hence, it pays to choose the best travel insurance to get a maximum protection while travelling in foreign lands.

So, is Philippines a safe place to spend your holidays? Well, as with other countries in the world, it is not exempted from chaos and rebellious activities. In reality, there is no such place in the world that doesn’t experience insurgencies. As a traveller, you are always taking the risk of exposing yourself to unfavourable possibilities whether you are traveling to the Philippines or to other lands. Hence, Philippines is still worth your visit. Many of its tourists can attest the reality that this can still be a safe place to stay. Some breaking news like the 2 abducted women in Malaysia may give you some feeling of uncertainty about the idea of visiting this country. But you can never fully understand the value of your visit unless you give it a try.

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