Cost of Living in Singapore 2014 March

On the last day of March, I got one letter from Singapore Immigration Authority. After four months waiting, my pr application is rejected. It seems to be very consistent. It will only take four months to reject the application. I don’t know how long it will take to pass the application. It is quite disappointed that I have been staying in Singapore for almost 5 years, with EP working permit. The situation is still very serious for foreigners. The cost of living in Singapore is keeping increasing. The latest news is about transport fare. Adult card fares for buses and trains will increase by 4 to 6 cents per journey starting April 6. Let’s consider it as 5 cents on average. So my cost will increase 10 cents every day, and 3 dollar every month. As my monthly transport cost, I have to pay S$60 to S$90, S$75 on average. So my transport fare increases by 4%. The government is introducing concession schemes for low-income workers and persons with disabilities, of course only for Singapore citizen or PR. Now let’s talk about my monthly living cost in March 2014.

Cost of Living In Singapore 2014 March(SGD $)
Fruit, Veg, Milk, Bread and Snacks S$81.8
Transport S$80
Meal S$250
Phone Bill S$0 (I forgot to pay January, February and March)
Rental S$605.00 (The rental also includes )
Total Cost S$1016.8

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