How to Save Money on Your Android Phone

Android phone is very popular nowadays. In fact, it comprises more than half of smartphone’s market. Android phones are smartphones which run using Google’s operating system. These are those touch screen phones with customizable desktop designed with several numbers of screens. Others even come with a built in hardware keyboards. It can also be set to numerous shortcuts which you can populate on its screen. This gadget is most loved because of its downloadable android applications. And since there are more than 150,000 applications available as of writing, users of these phones has all the options to download the application of their own liking.

However, android phones grandiose designs come with a cost. But this does not mean you don’t have cheaper alternatives. There are ways where you can cut back on its cost and below are some of them.

Purchase the Right Device

New android cell phones can be very costly. In fact their price can be ceiling high. However, you can have it financed on a monthly basis. This means you don’t have to shell out big amount of money all at once. Such term is often offered by service providers under 2 years contract.

Another option is to buy used or discontinued devices. These are the models that are no longer fabricated by its manufacturer. However, they are still be used with valuable features that will suffice the needs of android phone users. Most of all, they are significantly cheaper than their newer counterparts.

You can also buy used or refurbished devices. And because they are inspected by smartphone professionals, you can expect that they can still be used efficiently like other new phones. However, make sure that they come with a warranty when purchased.

Service Plan

Apply for a service plan that will be enough for your data use. If you are paying a plan that allows you to consume 6 GB per month and your bill shows that you only use 1.5 GB monthly then this only means you need to switch to a data plan with a lower cap.

Use of Applications

You can also cut down your expenses by using some applications. The most common is Voice over IP applications such as Skype or Google Voice. If you have internet access, may as well use Skype in making calls to reduce your monthly phone bills. There are also other texting applications that you can download to your phone promising big savings as well.

Remember that android phones don’t have to be very expensive. Informed users will always find cost effective ways to use such device.

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