My First Travel Plan For SanYa China

In next month, I will come back to China. As part of event, I plan to have a trip with my wife. The first place we want to go is Sanya, the southernmost city on the Chinese island. As my wife want to see the beach and see, this should be a wonderful place for her. To be honest, this is my first time to make travel plan, if don’t count the last time I went to Malaysia with my friends, only had a lunch and went around in danga bay.

To a fresh traveler, making a traveling plan is quite difficult. First of all, I have to decide the starting date and ending date. Then, I have to read some travel articles written by experienced travelers. I list all places I will have a look during this trip and mark them on the map. The next job is searching for hotels. This is quite important because the hotel location must be convenient for us and have a good sense to relax. After two days reading and searching, here is my list of place I will go in this trip, the hotels I will stay.

Travel Plan and Budget in SanYa China
Days 6 Days (5 Nights)
Flight Tickets ¥4566 (S$930 or $736)
Hotels Howard Johnson Resort Sanya Bay ¥545 (S$111 or $88) x 3 night
Pullman Oceanview Sanya Bay Resort ¥1104 (S$225 or $178) x 2 night
Total Costs ¥8409 (S$1716 or $1356)
Place to visit Tianya Haijiao
Guan Yin of the South Sea of Sanya
Mazu Temple of Sanya
Wuzhizhou Coral Island

Now let’s talk about the budget. The cost of travel in Sanya is over my wife’s budgets (She is so good to help me saving money). The air tickets and hotels already cost us $1356. It doesn’t include any other kind of cost yet. In my current situation, it will be a big money, I don’t agree though. But as her persistence, I archived my first travel plan 🙁

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