Cost of Living in Singapore 2014 February

February is the shortest month in the year. Cost of this month should be the lowest, but it isn’t. February is the most beautiful month for lovers. Because of the Valentine’s Day, every gentleman will buy a great gift for their honey. Therefore, February could be one of the most costly months in the year.

For Valentine’s Day gift, I bought flowers and a pair of earrings. She is very happy for that. Spending money to make your girl friend happy is acceptable, though the gift may cost more than that in normal day. For example, the Rose is priced as double or triple times as its normal price. My smart wife told me don’t buy flowers in Valentine’s day, so I can buy more in normal day. In Valentine’s day, the roses flower price in Shanghai is around S$3.5 for 1pc. 11 roses flower may cost S$40 and 19 roses flower may cost S$60 to S$65. In normal day, the roses flower price decrease to S$1.2 for 1pc. 33 pieces of roses flower may only cost S$49.


Another expense is the flight ticket. As I mentioned in my last post, how to get cheap flight ticket in Singapore, I didn’t go back home in the end of 2013 and I changed my plan to May 2014. It cost me S$535. Though it increased my cost in February, it helps me saving a lot actually. Now, let’s talk about my monthly cost in February.

Cost of Living In Singapore 2014 February(SGD $)
Fruit, Veg, Milk, Bread and Snacks S$196.2
Transport S$60
Meal S$150
Phone Bill S$0 (I forgot to pay January and February)
Rental S$630.00 (The rental also includes )
Total Cost S$1036.20

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