Get Cheap Flight Ticket in Singapore

For most foreigners in Singapore, flight tickets can be considered as a big cost every year. Especially in December, there are two important holidays for everyone, the Christmas and new year day. Flight ticket during these holidays is much more expensive than that in common days. For me, the most important holiday is Chinese new year’s day. And the flight tickets are also most expensive in that porid of time. To save money, I have two choice.

Usually, I will book the air ticket 2 or 6 month before the chinese new year. It could be cheaper S$100 or S$200 than booking before 1 week. For example, I booked my air ticket in June 2012 for the flight in February 2013. It only cost me S$530 from Singapore to Shanghai. Its normal price could be S$700 to S$800 if you book it in February. If you want to save your budget in this way, you must have a very confirmed schedule as mine. It is a hard job to confirm your plan ahead of six months.

If you can not confirm your schedule so early, you have another way to get cheap air ticket. You can choose a working day to take leave. Like me, I didn’t go back for Chinese new year for 2013. Because my company is too busy in January, I cannot confirm my schedule ahead of 6 month. Therefore, I decided not going home during the holiday. Instead, I plan to come back in May 2014. I book the ticket from China Eastern Airlines, which only cost me S$535. If you want to enjoy a great trip, you can even get the flight ticket from Singapore Airlines at S$580.

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