Is Lunch in Malaysia Cheaper than Singapore

Many friends told me that we can have a great lunch in Malaysia, but the price will be much cheaper than it in Singapore. Hence, I asked two friends to go to Malaysia having a lunch in last weekend.

Before we went to Malaysia, I made some research first. There are several places recommended in Johor Bahur on the internet. There are two top rated restaurant for having seafood, Restoran Asli and Restoran Todak. We decide to go to Restoran Todak, because it is more close to the checkpoint in Johor Bahur.

We don’t have car so we had to meet at Kranji MRT station in the morning at 10 a.m. in Singapore. Then we took a bus 170 to JB (Johor Bahur) via Woodlands checkpoint. When we reached JB, it was around 11 a.m. It is a little bit early for lunch. So we had a cup of coffee in City Square (a shopping mall connect to checkpoint in JB).

After going around in the shopping mall, we called a taxi to drive us to our destination Restoran Todak. The taxi fee is around 10RM (Malaysia Ringgit). This restaurant is quite big. Cross the strait, we can see the Sembawang. We reached there around 12.p.m. Here is what we ordered.(1 Singapore Dollar equals 2.63 Malaysian Ringgit currently)

Unit Price in RM Unit Price in SGD Ordered
Prawn RM 8.00 per 100g S$3.04 per 100g RM 24.00 (300g)
Crab RM 5.00 per 100g S$1.90 per 100g RM 47.50 (950g)
Mussel RM 10.00 S$3.80 RM 10.00
Cuttlefish RM 15.00 S$5.70 RM 15.00
Plain Rice RM 1.5 per bowl S$0.57 RM 3.00 (2 bowl)
Soft Drink Cocacola 355ml RM 2.1 S$0.80 RM 2.1 one can
Coconut RM 4.5 for 1 S$1.71 RM 13.5 (for 3)
Nut RM 2.00 per plate S$0.76 RM 2.00 (1 plate)
Towel RM 0.50 for 1 S$0.19 RM 1.50 (for 3)
Gov Tax 6% 7%
Total RM 125.72

We totally spent RM 125.72, equaling S$47.80. It is quite cheap for 3 person having seafood. If you want to compare the price between Singapore and Malaysia. You can check the coca-cola. It is basically priced by local average income standard. In Singapore restaurant, one can of coca-cola is sold at S$1.20 or S$1.30, S$0.40 more expensive than it in Malaysia restaurant.

After we finished lunch, we paid another RM 10.00 to take taxi back to city square in Johor Bahur. Therefore, we totally spent RM 145.72 for one seafood lunch. So where can we have a seafood lunch at S$55.40 for three person in Singapore?

4 Responses to “Is Lunch in Malaysia Cheaper than Singapore”

  1. Jin says:

    Hi , the taxi fare to todak cost 10RM only ? How long is the taxi ride?

  2. Jin says:

    May I ask how you tell the taxi driver the address of the todak restuarant and when u are coming back , u asked the restuarant for a taxi ? Thanks on advance! 🙂

    • James Liu says:

      My friend and I call a cab on near city square. Then we show the restaurant on the google map. Then he knows where to go. After we reach there, we get the number of the taxi driver.

      We left the restaurant at around 1pm

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